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“I Hate You” – I’m Two for Three With Three Days To Go! December 9, 2010

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Hello all!  What a great week!  Of course, that statement is simply dripping and reeking of sarcasm, in case it didn’t come across.  You know the internet- it’s so…. what’s that word I’m looking for? I can’t even think of it.  You know, where you can’t tell if someone really means what they’re saying, or if there’s more to it.  Anyway.  The greatness of this week started Saturday night with the previous entry’s teenage drama, and continued straight into Monday.  Work on Monday Sucked with a capital S, but bloggy rules dictate that one doesn’t discuss work. (Broken that rule a million times, as you know, but my complaints about work won’t be nearly as riveting for you as the stories of my kids hating me this week.  Riveting- there’s that sarcasm again.)  So here’s the scoop:


I signed up Daughter S. and Daughter J. for this program/class thingy that is supposed to give them a good foundation for the world of Life After High School.  It’s called Preparing Teens for Tomorrow, and it’s presented by a place in town called the Grace Center, which used to be the YWCA.  It’s free, runs from 6-8 every weeknight for this week and next week.  Their counselor, Big Curly, and my counselor, The Golden Goddess, told me about it and suggested I get them in it.  They will graduate at the end of two weeks with a little certificate that will probably look good on college and scholarship apps, and a goody-bag filled with coupons and products and gift certificates for stores in our area.  Last year’s bag was worth about $200.  They get free supper, too.  It’s a pretty sweet deal.  


So I didn’t have a lot of time to talk it over with them when GG called and said it started the following Monday and I needed to call this lady and get them enrolled in the program asap.  Well, Daughter S. was not at all pleased.  She hates being signed up for things without her express approval.  HATES.  Mom made her go to Campfire camp once, and she made everybody miserable until I finally had to go get her a day early.  Church camp was the same, except I made her stick that one out.  So Monday night when my dad picked them up for me and took them to the Center, Daughter J., bless her heart, just went right on in and sat down like the obedient, going-with-the-flow kind of girl she is. Daughter S., on the other hand, flat refused.  She threw a hissy fit and told the lady she was not going in there.  Dad sat there with her until I got there after I got off work (about the same time they were supposed to start).  Then he took The Boy and got out of the way, and I informed Dear Daughter S. that she was, indeed, going in there, because it was not going to kill her, and in fact would be beneficial, and although she may not like it, Tough Noodles because I’m still the mom and she’s still the kid and she lives under my roof and I make the rules, etc.  So as she’s walking in the room, she lets fly with a venomous hiss: “I hate you!” 


Honestly, I don’t let it bug me too much when they say that.  I figure if they don’t hate me part of the time, I’m doing something wrong.  So we come to today, when The Boy was in rare form for the morning’s activities.  He stayed up waaay too late last night, which was my fault.  I let him watch the movie we bought last night and started at 9:00 p.m.  So he was tired, and he hates school anyway, with a blue passion, and it was 8:00 and he still needed to change his shirt and didn’t have his shoes and socks on, and hadn’t taken his medicine. 


Well, eventually we got in the car, got the girls dropped off, (late, of course) and took him to his school.  Along the way, he was grouching and grumping about his coat being itchy and any number of other tiny little things that he always turns into HUGE things.  We got to school and he said he wanted to be let out closer to the door, because he was “tired of walking all that way!”  It’s about 100 feet from where he gets out of the car to the front of the school.  It’s possible to let him out right in front of the door instead of at the opposite end of the building, but it’s a harder turn, across traffic, etc.  It’s just easier to let him out where I do, so I made him do the usual routine.  I pulled up and stopped, and he had taken off his itchy coat and was taking forever and arguing about putting it back on, and I finally told him someone was pulling up behind us and to GET OUT!!!  So he dramatically throws open the door, gives me a look that could kill, and says “I HATE you, Mom!”  slams the door hard enough to break the hinges, and stomps off toward the front door. 


So, we have three days left in the week.  Two thirds of my kids have told me they hated me, and I figure there’s plenty of time to aggravate the other one and see if I can make it three for three!  I earned some brownie points last night, though.  Even the checkout girl at WalMart said she wished I was her mom when she was a teenager, because I let them buy a bakery birthday cake for no reason.  We were walking into the store last night, and S. asked if we could buy a cake for the random fun of it, and I said “Sure, why not?”  Then they also picked out Gummy Octopi and Sour Gummi Worms, and between that and the cake, they were quite happy.  Health food?  What health food?


Until next time,



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