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So Many Children, So Much Drama! December 5, 2010

Hello all.  So we survived Thanksgiving.  The Stuffin’ Muffins were a hit.  I felt like I wasn’t too crazy out of control, but still had a gain on Weight Watchers because I had a bounce-back after a touch of a stomach virus.  The gain was small enough though, that by my calculations, (skewed, rationalized and delusional though they may be) I either maintained or gained only 1-2 lbs over Thanksgiving!  Yay me.


So my blog title today refers to both my children and their friends.  The most immediate drama involves The Boy, who is at this moment having a crying fit because he dropped and broke his glass jar of cheese dip, which we just bought to have with lunch, which he was eagerly anticipating, and for which he was being too impatient to wait and was trying to open it himself and failed. 


I swear, one of these days I’m going to go completely insane.  Today’s Cheese Crisis comes right on the heels of a huge drama that happened last night.  Some of Daughter J.’s friends were involved in a huge drama that involved fighting and cops and helicopter parents and redneck big brothers, and it all took place in MY front yard!!  Sheesh.  The worst part about teenage drama is the ‘He said, She said’ because there is never any way to find out the actual really real truth of what really actually happened.  All I know is that there is always lying and parental manipulation on all sides, and parents who think their kids are faultless and innocent when they’re not, and kids who can’t let things drop and move on, and it’s all enough to make a person nuts! 


In this particular case, it’s worse, because MY twin daughters are friends with the twin boys involved, and one of my daughters is friends with the girl who is at the center of all the hoopla, and the other of my daughters is on the boys’ side.  So not only is Daughter J. upset because half the high school is after her best friend, Daughter S. is upset because she says J.’s best friend and her mother are lying. 


Anyway.  Thankfully, The Boy is settled down, but the drama with Daughter J. and her friends will continue indefinitely because J.’s best friend now wants to not be friends with her any more just because J. cares about the twin boys and wants to be friends with them both.  And now I just found out that J.’s friend’s mother doesn’t want her to be allowed to come over here, just because S. is on the boys’ side.  SIGH!!! 


Oh well.  I hope it dies down soon, because it upsets MY kids and disrupts my family, and we don’t need it.  I just have to figure out how to handle it. 


Until next time,



2 Responses to “So Many Children, So Much Drama!”

  1. Scott Says:

    Kid’s drama is stressful enough, but when the parents get involved it’s too much. There is nothing worse than redneck parents trying to relive their youth through their kids.. And using their kids drama as an opportunity to strut their redneck-ness.. Ugh..

    This too shall pass.. Hopefully very soon and as drama free as possible!

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