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My Thanksgiving: Stuffin’ Muffins, Pink Stuff, and a Weight Watchers Triumph! November 25, 2010

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Hello all!  Thanksgiving Day is here- the beginning of the holiday season.  I haven’t managed to post a “thankfulness” status update on Facebook every day this month, like some of my devoted friends.  I go through mood swings where I just can’t stand to pretend I’m happy or thankful or any of it.  BUT!  Today and yesterday have not been those kind of days!  I was so hyper yesterday at work, so happy and enthusiastic that people probably thought I was on drugs! 


I swear, I wasn’t on anything but pure air, unless you count Lo-Carb Monster, and those are some serious yummy beverages, let me tell ya!  But honestly, it was just the feeling of it being a holiday, knowing I’d be off work and with family, (and still get paid!) and knowing I am blessed and lucky.  I had gone to the grocery store before work and bought all the ingredients for my contributions to today’s meal, and almost everything I bought was either low-fat, fat-free, skim, whole grain, or fresh!  Y’all, I’ve lost nearly 80 lbs since January!  I finally, FINALLY, after playing with the same half-pound for over a month, had a good loss at Weight Watchers on Tuesday!  I got my 75 lb. medal, and my total loss is now 78.8!  You think that’s a little motivator for me to not go berserk at the dinner table today?! 


I try not to think about the fact that if I want to be a Weight Watchers leader, I have to get down to their recommended weight range for my height.  And I try not to think about that fact that I still have to lose 130 pounds to get to that goal, except insofar as it helps me not eat stuff I’m not supposed to, by asking myself “Will this help me lose that 130 lbs?” 


But today should be no problem.  My mom and sisters are also trying to help everyone be healthy, and we’re all trying to tweak our recipes to make them healthier.  My little sisters both like their dressing to be dry and crunchy on top, (yuck!) so my sis discovered a recipe that suggests you put your dressing in muffin pans!  You get a lot more “crunchy edges” for your money, as well as more easily controlled portions- Stuffin’ Muffins!


Ok, so you want to know what we’re having?  Here’s our menu:


Dressing (Stuffing)

Giblet gravy

Green bean casserole*

Steamed broccoli and cauliflower* (with low-fat cheese sauce on the side)

Tossed Salad*

Angel biscuits

Relish tray (pickles, cheese, olives, carrots and celery, etc.)

Pink Stuff and Green stuff*-(jello salads)

Pecan pie

Pumpkin pie

Mini chocolate pies*

The items with the asterisks are the things I’m bringing.  So anyway.  Obviously, it will be a challenging day for anyone trying to lose or maintain their weight, but I think I can handle it.  I’ve got motivation!


Well, I hope all my friends and family and everyone who reads this has a wonderful, happy Thanksgiving day, a safe trip to and from, and an enjoyable holiday season!  


Until next time,



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