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Cat-tastrophe: A Missing Dictator and a Message From God November 16, 2010

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Hello all.  I am having a difficult time getting this post off the ground.  I have needed to write for several days now, and every time I have felt the urge, I haven’t had enough time to follow through.  There has been so much going on in the family, and so few perfect moments to sit down and write about it. 


To start with, we lost one of The Dictators.  Temporarily.  Remember reading this where I said I was ready to put them outside because I thought they were big enough to defend themselves?  Well, I put them outside last Tuesday morning at 8:30, and by 9:30, one of them had disappeared.  I immediately felt very guilty, because one or more of my children had begged and pleaded and dramatically thrown themselves in the floor in an effort to convince me that I should NOT put the cats outside.   But it was early yet, and I hoped that the cat would be home by that evening.  The Missing Dictator in Question was Mussolini, by the way.  The smaller, sweeter, smarter, and apparently saner of the two, judging by the way Hitler is at this moment jumping around, playing and fighting with a piece of laundry!


Unfortunately, the Missing Dictator did not come home that night, nor the next, nor the next.  I knew that cats have a way of leaving home for a while and then returning, but I also knew that our neighborhood has an excess of stray dogs.  I had completely given up hope.  I felt bad for the kids.  They all were taking it pretty well, given that this had been the exact fulfillment of their fears about letting the cats go outside.  Still, they were sad. 


So on Friday, I was in a bad place.  We had prayed that we would find the cat and we hadn’t found her.  I was in one of my moods anyway- about what exactly, I can’t remember, but one of my Facebook friends posted a status saying she was just trying to make it through the day, on which I commented that I was in a similar boat at the moment.  And my friend’s big brother, who is a pillar of strength and churchiness, commented and told her that she should pray.  I hadn’t actually responded to the comment, but the answer that was forming in my head was “Yeah, but what if when you pray, you sometimes begin to wonder if God is asleep on the couch with Cheeto crumbs on his chest?” 


So as I was having all these feelings and thoughts, I was at work Friday afternoon, when I checked my phone and discovered a voicemail from Daughter S.  She was barely coherent and breathless and hysterical, and for a moment, I was terrified that something horrible had happened.  Then I listened more closely and realized she was crying and laughing at the same time, and she was hysterically happy because they had found Mussolini!! 


She had walked a few blocks down our street to the grocery store to get a soda, and she was walking back when a neighbor’s cat started following her and meowing.  She tried to run from it, because she didn’t want anything to do with any more cats, but then she went back and started talking to it, meowing at it, and she heard an answering meow from inside a big, thick, thorny bush in the ditch.  She followed the sound, and there was Mussolini, hidden away right in the middle of the bush!  So then I got out of my bad, doubt-y, attitude-y mood, and was all, “Got it, God!  Message received! Thank You!”  because I knew it was a direct reminder of His constant presence. 


So the cats are together again, but we still need to take the Prodigal Dictator to the vet, because there seems to be something wrong with her hips or her back.  She can walk, but she just looks wrong, and she can’t jump up very well. She also had some kind of blisters/scrapes/irritations on her front paw pads, which are almost healed now.


Some of the other things that have been going on are these:  Daughter S. finalized the details of an internship at an art studio in town, where she will be working for a while and getting compensated with art lessons!  The Boy and I both got sick.  He missed two days of school last week and I missed half a day of work yesterday.  Also, Daughter S. got her driver’s permit last Wednesday, and has driven a grand total of once since then!  We had a pretty good weekend together that involved Italian food, rented videos, and sleepovers with friends, and was generally quite enjoyable. (Except for the part where we missed church both times on Sunday because I was sick and lying around in bed like a slug all day!) 


On Sunday night, I noticed the date and was reminded of something that I want to share here, but it deserves its own entry, so for now I will just say that it has been a good week and overall, I’m in a good place!


Until next time,



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