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Modern Magic and the Beauty of the Little Things November 2, 2010

Belpasso - Drops of happiness

Media gallery rocks! I just picked this because it was beautiful. And yellow! 🙂

Hello all.  Call me a quitter if you will, but I’m abandoning 30 Days of Truth-ish.  I’ve had it up to the eyeballs with truth.  Everyone sees the truth differently.  All my Facebook friends are posting something new they are thankful for, every day in November.  I can get with that.  It’s short and sweet.  I’m probably arousing some folks’ curiosity or disdain with my first two entries:  indoor plumbing and automobiles.  I’ve got an explanation.  Wanna hear it?  Ok. 


See, my idea is that everybody is thankful for their beautiful kids and their wonderful families and their perfect husbands.  Who wouldn’t be?  If you have such things as beautiful kids and wonderful families and perfect husbands, you’d be a chump NOT to be thankful for them, right?  So I’m starting with seemingly insignificant things that we all take so for granted we don’t realize what major blessings they are!! 


Indoor plumbing, for instance.  Think about that.  Take a moment to think about having to get up in the middle of the night, put on shoes and a coat, walk outside in the cold or the snow or the rain or the sweltering heat, go out to a drafty, rickety, critter-filled shed built over a hole in the ground, sit your unprotected butt down on a rough board plank, and do your most personal, private business… go on, think about it.  I’ll give you a minute…. Ok, see?  EX-actly!  Who wouldn’t be thankful that we don’t have to do that anymore?!! 


And automobiles.  Now granted, there are drawbacks to these things- car wrecks, pollution, the constant drain on finite resourses, monster stereo systems blasting 4-letter words at ear-bleeding levels.  But just think about having to walk everywhere.  Or having to ride in a horse and wagon.  Or being stuck wherever you happen to be and being dependent on other people to be thoughtful enough to bring you what you need.  Think about a trip from Lone Grove to Ardmore and back taking half a day and a trip to The City taking a week.  Really?  You’re not thankful life’s not like that?   I sure am! 


When you think about it, modern conveniences are almost magical.  Stay tuned for future entries on this topic when I wax rhapsodic about things like washing mashines, microwaves, frozen food, supermarkets, drive-thru service, pancake and cake mixes, vacuum cleaners, bug spray, sunscreen, baby wipes, Tylenol, central heat and air, and kitty litter.  Yeah.  I’m thankful for the little things. 


Until next time,



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