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Truth-ish Continues: Something You Hope to Do in Your Life October 18, 2010

Filed under: Dreams and Passions,Weight Woes,Whatever — DDKlingonGirl @ 7:56 am

Hello all.  I started this post Friday morning continuing the 3o Days of Truth-ish series with Day 5- something you hope to do in your life.  But I was in a ‘not fit for human consumption’ mood that morning, so I scrapped it.  I’m in a much more bloggy-friendly mood now, despite the fact that my brain is currently being overstimulated by a number of unpleasant things like The Boy complaining about not being able to beat the video game he’s playing, my iTunes playing Carrie Underwood at ear-bleeding volume, Daughter S. singing along with the music, and the aforementioned video game complete with explosions and grunts of death. 


So.  Day 5 of 30 Days of Truth-ish.  The topic was something you hope to do in your life.  There is so much I hope to do in my life- things like travel, see my kids choose to become Christians, see them graduate and go to college or find a career path that will make them happy, get married, have kids of their own.  I’d like to make more money, I’d like to find a career path that makes ME happy, I’d like to fall in love again, I’d like to go to Alaska and maybe live there for a time.


But the one thing that I really hope for, one thing that will help allow me to see all my other hopes come true, is to achieve an ideal weight.  To find myself at the recommended weight range for my age, sex, and height.  This may sound amazingly simple, but it’s something I’ve never done!  I’ve never been at an ideal weight in my entire adult life. Maybe not in my life, period.  If I could achieve that, it would make it much more likely and possible that I could do some of the other things I want to do. 


But here’s the thing- I need to focus on trying to check everything off my list regardless of whether I get to an ideal weight.  I need to try to be the kind of person who decides what she wants and then goes after it, without letting anything stand in her way!  I’ve been working very hard on that, and hopefully I’ll figure it out soon. 


Until next time,



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