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30 Days of Truth-ish October 10, 2010

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Hello all.  I have been sitting here a large part of the afternoon trying to figure out where my next blog post was coming from, because I’ve run out (for the tiniest portion of this moment) of navel-gazing, self improving, learning to love myself, seeker of Truth who’s so much deeper and more seeking than the rest of the world, crap.  Maybe it’s because someone I knew went skydiving today.  Sky.  Diving.  Maybe it’s because I read a blog about a little girl who was diagnosed with a devastating cancer.  Maybe it’s because I did not feel the tiniest bit guilty laughing at my cats, The Dictators, Hitler and Mussolini, staggering around half-drunk from the after-effects of their visit this morning to the free spay/neuter clinic, AKA the “say Hasta La Vista to your hoo-ha” clinic.   Wait, where was I going with this?  Oh, right.  I found a list in one of the other blogs I read occasionally, that I thought would serve as a good blog filler in between days when I don’t have anything real to say.  I mean anything that originates from my head without prompting from a stolen list. It’s called 30 Days of Truth-ish.  There are daily prompts that I will answer/blog about, truthfully. 


Day 1:  Something you hate about yourself 

Something I hate about myself is that I frequently don’t listen to my instincts.  I hear, I feel, I question, I hestitate.  And then I go ahead and do it anyway.  Spend the money, wait the week, send the message, marry the dude.  In the past at least, I have demonstrated that I don’t respect and value my own gut enough to say “Hey. You.  Yeah, the one about to do something stupid!  STOP!” 


I’m working on trying to correct this problem.  I’m trying to learn to think things through before I do them.  Trying to have forethought, so I don’t have to have hindsight.  Right now, for example, I’ll close this post, which will win the award for shortest thing I’ve ever written here, and go to church, which will make me feel good because I did what I am supposed to do.  Which will then make me feel annoyed.  Oh well.  I’m going anyway, and I’ll think it to death later. 


Until next time,


PS- The blogs I found these links in are two of the ones in my blog roll to the right.  Mean Girl Garage, written by an elementary teacher who reviews sex toys (An adventure in snark), and That’s Fun to Say, written by the first Fellow Blogger who ever listed my blog on her page, and to whom I’m eternally grateful.  Both of these writers are smart, funny, frequently profane, but they say what they have to say, which I like.


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