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Karma- Do I Even Have to Say It? September 16, 2010

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Hello all.  The last two days I have been dealing with a feeling I do not like, and that feeling is the feeling of having been violated.  Also known as ripped off, screwed, or as my dad puts it, given a rookie-doin’!  Yeah.  I have experienced SCSF- Severe Customer Satisfaction Failure.  Remember my last post when I was all sanctimoniously talking about customer service persons and how it doesn’t pay to get angry and be rude to them because they can usually help you if you will just treat them decent?  FORGET THAT!  Because sometimes you also come up against a so-called business person who refuses to be at all reasonable.  Or decently human.  This is what happened:


I bought a cell phone cover at a little booth in the middle of our local mall.  It was run by a Middle Eastern man who was quite pushy, and upon reflection, this display of pushiness should have been my first warning to flee.  I went there for a friend who wanted me to see if they had a certain type of cover and how much they cost.  Then I made my mistake.  I asked to see the covers for my own type of phone.  They were $14.99 plus tax and I told him I didn’t have the money to get one today and I’d come back.  Before I could escape, he told me he’d give me a discount, charge me only $14 and he’d cover the tax.  Foolishly, I chose one; he took it out of the package and put it on my phone, keeping the packaging, then returned my phone and we stepped to the register.  I asked him if he took cards or checks, and he asked, with a concerned look on his face, “You don’t have cash?”  (By the way, that question was Red Flag Warning to Flee #2.)  I said no, and he said to give him a check.  I wrote out my check with the help of a handy dandy little piece of paper on which he had kindly written out his name so he wouldn’t have to try to spell it for people.  He took my check and indicated by helpless gestures toward his cash register that he didn’t have any way to give me a receipt.  (If you’re keeping track, that’s Red Flag Warning to Flee #3.)  I accepted his explanation and took my happy little covered phone and went on to work.


Fast-forward to later in the day when I was coming in from picking up mail and I’m carrying a small stack of short postal trays and a styrofoam cup from Sonic.  Naturally, I poke a hole in my cup with the corner of the tray and it begins to leak all over me, soaking the pocket of my work apron in which I am carrying– you guessed it, my phone.  So I get in the door, set down the mail, and start checking out my phone to see how wet it is.  I pop off the bottom half of the phone cover, wrestle a little with the other half, start to panic about all the Diet Coke all over my brand-new Samsung Impression, and finally the other half of the cover pops off.  I dry off the phone to my satisfaction and try to re-apply the phone cover.  Lo and behold, the top half wouldn’t snap on. 


After several attempts by both me and my co-worker to reattach the phone cover, I give up and plan to take it back to the guy after work, which I do.  I explain to him how I took it off and now it won’t go back on, and he looks at it and tells me it’s broken, that there’s a tiny little plastic strip along one end of the cover bracket that is no longer there and that’s why it won’t work.  I look it him and ask what he’s going to do about it and he tells me… NOTHING!  He begins to argue and defend.  “What am I going to do if I take this back from you?  Can I sell it to another customer?  Can I return it to the company? You break it.”  And he goes into this explanation of how I took it off wrong, how I was supposed to use my fingernail to “ease” it off, and how I took it off wrong and that’s why it broke.  Recall, if you will, that he put the thing on my phone.  He didn’t tell or show me how to take it off or on, nor did he tell me that there was any special way to do so. 


So I explained to him that it was my opinion that an item like that should not break that easily, and he told me it was a high quality item, that no other store would take back something that the customer broke and replace or refund it for nothing.  He tried to get me to buy another one for only $10 instead of the $14 this one cost! I rejected his ridiculous deal, told him I didn’t have time to argue, and left. 


For the rest of the evening, I fumed and stewed and talked to other people who told me I should go back the next day and demand either replacement or refund, along with the name and contact information of the manufacturer.  So I did, and he still refused to be any help whatsoever.  He told me the name of the product and pretended to make a phone call to them and asked for a phone number but he said they said to go look them up online.  That was it.  And when I told him there was such a thing as advertising and I was going to do everything possible to tell people not to buy from him, he told me he didn’t care!  At the end he was trying to tell me that if a customer wanted an exchange or refund, they had to bring the product to him in perfect condition.  I wish I had said “If it was in perfect condition, I wouldn’t need an exchange or refund, you twit!” 


I left his booth and went straight to the mall office and told the manager the whole story.  She seemed unsympathetic at first, but by the time I left, I think she felt that I’d been treated unfairly.  She looked at the phone cover and noticed, as I did, the uneven color around the edges, and how it didn’t even look like it was broken. 


I marched out of her office feeling somewhat victorious.  I looked down the way as I was leaving the mall, waiting for Hard Nosed A-hole Businessman to come around from behind his booth, and gave him a big smile and a thumbs up as I left!


Anyway, I guess I can label this one “Screwed Over/Lesson Learned” and file it under ‘Should have known better’ and cross-reference it to ‘Never ever again!’  I am still very angry, but I guess I’m going to have to let it go.  But I will continue my crusade to tell people to never buy from him.  Karma’s a b**ch!

Until next time,



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