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Pardon my French, Wherever are My Manners? September 13, 2010

Hello all.  Is it just me, or have manners and social grace just completely disappeared?  I noticed this on Saturday while I was working.  It seemed like every other customer used profanity of some kind while transacting their business.  “Where the hell is my package?”  “It’s gonna cost me $10 to send back this thing I didn’t order?  Well that’s shitty.” “My package is stuck in St. Louis and you guys said you’d find out why and it’s really starting to f___in’ piss me off!” 


That last was on the phone, and I was sooooo tempted to respond with “Ok, well first of all, thank you for keeping your language so professional and respectful to a lady, and now I’ll get the manager for you.”  Or “Sir, I am a professional, and I can and will help you with your situation, but if you continue to curse at me, I will hang up the phone and I will not answer it when you call back.”  I mean, really?  You can’t state your problem and your needs and feelings without using words that may offend somebody?  What are we, in high school?


I’m not a prude, ok?  I’ve used a lot of not-so-choice words in my time, and I’ll confess it here and now.  But here’s the thing:  I don’t use those words in public places, and I sure don’t use them when I’m trying to get a busy customer service person to help me.  Most people don’t realize that customer service people have pull.  They almost always have the resources to go a little above and beyond and try to help correct a situation.  But they don’t have to do it!  There is only a certain distance they are required to go.  So anybody with the logic and reasoning capability of a rock should see that it pays to be polite and respectful to someone whom you are asking for help!  And on the other hand, if you treat someone like dirt and use offensive language, you’re probably not going to get your problems solved quite so neatly. 


Then again, basic logic and reasoning apparently escape some people’s comprehension.  A friend was telling me last night about another customer in a convenience store.  The lady poured a half-cup of coffee and topped it off with cappucino.  When the clerk told her the price, (which was the price of a full cappucino) the lady whined and railed and complained that “It’s only half cappucino!”  I guess she thought that she’d get it for the price of regular coffee.  When the clerk told her “We don’t do that here,” she responded with, “The other store does it.”  To which the fed-up clerk replied, “Then go to the other store!” 


Anyway.  It just seems like the majority of people you run into these days have forgotten what the words “polite” and “considerate” mean.  Maybe I’m a cranky old dinosaur left over from the Paleolithic era, but is it too much to ask for people to hold doors, let people go ahead of them, wait in line, say “please,” “thank you,” and “excuse me,” and say how they feel and what they think without using language that would make a sailor blush?   (A little sidenote:  some people are also offended by that particular expression, ‘cussing like a sailor.’  My grandpa was in the Navy and he got rather offended once when I used that expression.  He said that he and his Mates were gentlemen and that they behaved like gentlemen when they were on leave, and that most sailors were NOT filthy-mouthed degenerates.  Sorry, Grandpa!  Point taken.)


Now if you’ll please excuse me, I’ll get up and go clean this *#%# house before I have to  #%$#  go to  @#$%  work! 🙂  Thank you.

Until next  *%@#  time,



3 Responses to “Pardon my French, Wherever are My Manners?”

  1. Traci King Says:

    I soooo agree with you. My pet peeves are the Drive Thru employees. It is so AGGRAVATING that they don’t even say “Hello” or Thank You!

    Ooh, also when I hold the door for someone and they don’t bother to say “Thank You”. I guess I happen to look a little like a doorman, but wait, I think they get tips….I get NADA most of the time….

    Now you got me going. Anyway, totally agree with this one!

  2. Wanda Says:

    People see and use this lanuage on TV and in movies all the time so they must think this is the way it is suppose to be. The bad part is they raise their children thinking the same way. One day social graces will be completely gone unless we as Christians reply and act in the way that we know Jesus would want us to. We set the examples for them and our children whether they appreciate or follow them or not. I’m more concerned about how we raise our children. I read face book and it makes me sad when I see the words used by the young people I know who have been taught and brought up better. Just hang onto your principles and set good examples like your Lord and Savior would want you to. Love you.

  3. LenaDeeAnne Says:

    Traci- I know, right? Holding the door for someone is not terribly difficult, but nobody seems to appreciate it. I make it a point to always say thank you to people who hold the door for me, because I know how it makes me feel when people don’t say thank you when I do it. After writing this post this morning, I was super-conscious of my manners and service at work all day! I tried to be very polite. It was actually kinda tiring!

    Wanda- thank you for that reminder. Sometimes it gets so hard to maintain my professionalism when all I want to do is tell someone who is being a jerk exactly where to stuff it! But I know how God would want me to react, (and I know how my BOSS would want me to react) so I just bite my tongue and try to pour a little more syrup into my voice!

    Thanks so much for reading, both of you!

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