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I Wanna Be A Cheechako!* August 25, 2010

Hello all.  Ok, anybody who is familiar with my life lately knows that I am often the complete opposite, the absolute antithesis of Little Mary Sunshine.  I am often self-described as “bummed,” “blah,” “depressed,” “moody,” “ho-hum,” and so on.  Today though?  Oh yeah, it’s a good day!  And again, anybody who knows me well, and who lives in my same area of the country can probably guess with some accuracy at the origin of my good mood.  Which is just this:  IT IS 66 DEGREES THIS MORNING, PEOPLE!!! 


I love me some cool weather!  I will grant that since this IS Southern Oklahoma, and August is not yet over, we will probably have a few more days where the mercury is creeping toward triple digits.  But in the meantime, a day like this is like taking your high heel shoes off after a night out- it is such a relief!!!  I know the rest of the country, too, has had unusually warm temperatures this summer, but it has just been brutal here.  Most of July and August up to this point has been over 100 every day.  Until the last day or two it had been weeks since we had had a good rain.  So forgive me if I’m a little hyper today, because Cold Weather (or in this case, even cool weather) is My Thing! 


It really is, you know.  I have been obsessing about, and daydreaming of, and wishing to move to, Alaska for about the last 5 years.  I even wrote a poem about it, which if I remember correctly is up in the poetry section here.   True, I am a little concerned that I’ve never actually been there before, and I don’t know if I would really like it, but I’d love to experience it someday and find out.  It’s just so indescribably beautiful, and again, I Heart Cold!  I want to go to Fairbanks in January.  I want to see what -20 or -30 feels like, just once, at least.  I want to ride a snowmobile and watch a dog sled team take off!  I want to see the Northern Lights

Go to fullsize image

Aren't they stunning?

up close and paddle a kayak in a glacial pool and get splashed by a whale!  I want to see huge elk and moose and bald eagles by the dozens, dance outside in the midnight sun, and camp in the shadow of Denali! 

View Image

Mt. McKinley, aka Denali- Who wouldn't want to camp out at the foot of this guy and wake up in the shadow of its awesomeness?!


Now, is all that a romanticized, Frommer’s-guidebook view of Alaska?  Sure, probably.  I realize that Alaska has its negatives besides temperature.  The hard, subsistence living of many people, the cabin fever, the high rate of sexual crimes against women, the long, cold winters that probably never seem to end, followed by muddy springs and summers filled with mosquitos the size of canaries!  You know what?  I don’t care- I want to go anyway!  I think the positives probably outstrip the negatives by a wide margin.  So if anybody from Alaska reads this and wants to start an exchange program, let me know! 


Until next time,



* What does that chee-whatever-is- mean, you ask?


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