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Back To School- The Strange Juxtaposition of Tears and Triumphs! August 18, 2010

Hello all!  Drumroll please…………………………. Thank you, I’m BACK!  It’s been a long time, but here I am, and hopefully will not have any more problems that will interfere with my posting regularly.  So, on to today’s topic:  The first day of school!   Yes, Virginia, it’s that time of year again.  Today was The Boy, Daughter S. and Daughter J.’s first day of the 2010-2011 school year.  They all got up, bleary-eyed and droopy-tailed, and got ready to head out for a brand new school year and a new day.  Granted, there were snags in the carpet of perfection, as there generally are, to wit:

1.  The Boy started school with no new supplies and is short one required vaccination.  I didn’t have the time to get him in for his vaccination, or the money to get any new school supplies, and I didn’t have the list of what he needed anyway!  But I think I have enough $$ now to get him a few things and I will probably drag us all back to WalMart after church tonight to pick up said things.

2.  Daughter S. didn’t eat any breakfast.  And if I know her, she won’t eat whatever the school feeds them either, because she’s a picky little beast and would rather starve. 

3.  Daughter J. ate generic spaghettios for breakfast.  I know, my stomach’s turning too.  But hey, if it gets her through the day and makes her happy, more power to her!

4.  Traffic!  Can we say ‘completely insane!?’  Let me just illuminate the difficulty of this problem by explaining that we live in a little town that has a state highway running right through it.  Seriously.  If I could draw a little map, I would, and the road, all 4 lanes of it, would just cut straight through the middle of the town!  The school where The Boy attends this year is right on the highway.  Like the highway is literally 30 feet from the front door.  Traffic backs up waiting to loop through and drop kids off, and it’s also waiting to turn down toward the primary elementary school and it’s just a complete disaster!  Did I mention our town only has 2 stoplights?  Yeah.  We’re progressive.  (Speaking of which, I totally snapped my undies yesterday on Facebook and went postal at someone I didn’t even know who made a comment on a friend’s status, in which I perceived, completely mistakenly, I might add, an intended slight on my home state as being a provincial outpost completely lacking in civilization.  I get that all the time and it gets tiring.  Yes, we’re in Oklahoma.  No, we do not live in tents or sod dugouts and get chased by Indians!  We have electric lights and indoor plumbing and social services. More on that later.) 

5.  We didn’t get to take pictures!  I always take pics of the kids on the first day, with their backpacks and all that, and I forgot to do it before we were all in the car and my camera was locked in the house!  So we’ll get pics when we get home.

Anyway.  On the plus sides of the whole Back to School subject, the following: 

1.  I always try to encourage the kids on the way to school, and I asked them to find one good thing about going back to school or one thing they were looking forward to about this year.  Daughter J. is looking forward to getting back in her music class and hopefully going on more music trips.  Daughter S. is looking forward to Computers III and learning photoshop and some other things.  The Boy said he was looking forward to coming home!  He’s so funny!  But then he said he thought he would be able to concentrate better in his smaller special ed class, with fewer kids trying to talk to him.  (He tried to sneak some classical music CDs to school in his backpack to help him concentrate!  He amazes me sometimes.)

2.  After that, I always say a prayer for a good school year and our safety and protection, etc.  I was saying my prayer as we pulled into the high school parking lot, and there, behind the first student car I saw, was a group of 3 or 4 students, and maybe one mother, I’m not sure.  They were standing in a circle, holding hands, heads bowed, praying.  And I said “Oh look, they’re praying too!” and I just about lost it.  I was already getting teary-eyed while I was praying, and when I saw those other people praying too, it just made me so emotional, because I thought that as long as we have some kids who are willing to stand out there on the first day of school, in the parking lot in front of the whole world, and hold hands with their mother and pray on the first day of school… we’re gonna be ok.  (( Cue tears again! ))  Anyway, so then Daughter S. begged me not to cry, ’cause I’d make her cry, and we pulled up in front of the school and I told them to paste a smile on their faces and have a great day, and off they went. 

And then, the Big One:  The Boy.  Last year this child, when I walked him to his classroom, cried and sobbed and wouldn’t let me leave for practically a half hour, and basically had to be pried loose from me.  This year?  We pull into the parking lot and he tells me he knows where his room is and he doesn’t need me to walk him in.  Then when I ask if he’s sure, he says yeah, and when I stop to let him out of the car, he jumps out, gives me a huge grin, says “I love you, Mom!”  I say “I love you too!  You’re gonna have a great year, baby!” and he shuts the door and walks away grinning.  (( Cue Mom’s cascade of tears! ))  And I pull away and out onto the highway, crying like a ninny and praying that all three of my kiddos have a good year.  And you know what?  I really think they will.

Until next time,



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