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Breaking the (Bloggy) Rules: Good Work People, Bad Work People July 10, 2010

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Hello all.  Today was a good day.  Despite its being Saturday and having to be at work earlier than normal and being the only one of the three regular front counter workers there.  I realize this might be breaking a cardinal rule of blogging, but… just. Wow.  I believe I’ve mentioned “Obnoxious Co-Worker” in the past?  The one who, with such wonderful concern and kindness, commented on my doughnut-eating at work: “I thought you were on a diet!” and then thirty seconds later after I informed her I had thrown half of it away: “That’s wasteful.”  Well, a week ago yesterday, which would be last Friday the 2nd, there was… an incident.  An incident which, without boring you with the details, resulted in her biting my head off, entirely unprovoked, and me telling her if she bit my head off again, she and I were gonna go round and round!  (Yes, maybe it was juvenile, but I was just not in a mood that day to put up with anybody’s hatefulness without dishing out some of my own.)

So this week?  We were closed Monday in observance of Independence Day and I missed Thursday because The Boy had an appointment out of town.  But the rest of the time, the other three days we worked together, side by side, for five and a half HOURS?  We did so in complete silence!  She did not speak a word directly to me the entire week.  She went out of her way to avoid coming within three feet of me.  If we were slow and all of us were standing around, she made sure she was at the opposite end of the counter from me, and if I moved forward, she moved backward.  She kept her back turned toward me whenever possible.  And to top it all off, I received a package at work on Thursday when I was gone, and it mysteriously got put back in the outgoing mail and came back again on Friday!  Coincidence?  Accident?  Spiteful action by an insane harpy?  You decide.  I know which direction I’m leaning!

So I guess I say all that to say this:  I don’t mind working Saturdays by myself anymore!  I mean being the only one of the girls there, with the bosses alternating Saturdays.  I used to dread it and hate it and be really annoyed by the fact that we were slow and it was boring and I sat around reading magazines all day and resenting that I was the only one who had to work.  But now?  It’s like peace.  Sweet, quiet, OCW-free peace!  And business is a lot steadier lately, for some reason, so Saturdays are rarely so slow that they are boring.  And I can do my job better because I don’t feel the silent hate radiating off OCW like freakin’ Chernobyl!

So back to today.  Except for a few moments when one customer’s picky snideness was about to get my goat but good, I enjoyed working with Brother Boss 1 and his wife.  They are usually pretty entertaining.  Working at the store is just their Every Other Saturday/Summer job.  He’s an elementary school principal and she’s a high school band director.  His twin brother is the one who runs the store full time, although he, too, has a background in education.  I’ve been with them for almost 8 years.  They’re like family, in some ways.  They listen to me talk about my family and my life and they try to encourage me about my own (stalled out) teaching career.  They came to my wedding, even though they had to close the store early on a Saturday to do it.  Yeah.  I like them a lot. 

There was also something on my mind today that I may write about in detail in another entry, and I was thinking about the class reunion and all the stuff we still have to do for that.  I was bouncing ideas off Brother Boss 1 and we were talking about reunions and high school and how much people and perceptions change over the years.  I was asking for ideas for a reunion gift basket and his first words were “Oil of Olay…”  What a corker!

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