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Postal Holidays, The Great Garbage Gamble, and Becoming a Driver July 5, 2010

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Hello all.  Does anyone else luuurve postal holidays?  Maybe I’m the only one because I work in the postal/shipping industry.  Maybe postal holidays are a big-A inconvenience to everyone else, but I gotta say… bring em!  See, because yesterday was Independence Day, the Great American Holiday.  And yesterday was also… Sunday!  So today I get a bonus, an extra day off from work and crazy, crabby co-workers.  Yay-us! Thank you Jay-sus!  Hal-lay-lujah! 

Aww, Man!  On the other end of the spectrum of Postal Holiday bliss is Trash Service Unpredictability:  is the trash collection running?  Is it not?  Yesterday was the actual holiday, but many stores and services are closed today, so does that include the trash?  Nope.  I just heard the trash truck go grinding and clanking past my house where there was no trash container at the curb.  This is really, REALLY aggravating!  I saw them this morning on the way to take Daughter S. to driver’s ed, but I thought they were only collecting commercial sites or something.  Gambled and lost, AKA: Fail!  Trash has to sit for another week.  Darn, darn, darn!

Ok, calming down now.  Today Daughter S. had another driving session for her driver’s ed class.  So far the graph shows:  day 1- comes home crying and saying she’s gonna be a horrible driver, day 2- comes home calm, happy, pleased with herself and thinking perhaps she might not be a horrible driver, and day 3- comes home crying, saying she was tired and couldn’t concentrate today and made too many mistakes and hates driving.  And she has to drive again tomorrow morning at 8:00.  I hope she has a better day tomorrow.  I let Daughter J. drive part of the way to Aunt A.’s yesterday.  It was stressful.  She doesn’t brake when I tell her to, and then she does, and it’s “Hello Windshield.  My name is Face! Let’s get acquainted!” 

I am feeling really guilty right now.  I have been goofing around online all day.  My one day off, and I need to be up cleaning house, starting laundry, washing dishes, tackling the garage (which is really not a one-person job, but more requires a team.  Of over-muscled football players.  On espresso and prozac, because the job is overwhelming and will take excesses of energy and a can-do attitude, chemically enhanced, if necessary.)  But here I remain, and my every instinct is telling me to put the computer down and get up, but only to go lie down on my bed and pick up my book again! 

Oh well.  Maybe I will get up and throw some laundry in the washer, and THEN I’ll go pick up my book again! 

Until next time,


PS- tomorrow is WW, AND counseling again, for the first time in two and a half weeks.  We’ll see how those go.  I’ve been trying to be fairly good on WW, but not sure how well I’ll do.  Last week I walked about 4 times, and this week… only one.


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