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We were the original Griswolds! June 26, 2010

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Plinky Prompt:  What is your favorite summer memory?


Two words: FAMILY VACATIONS! We went to New York City and Washington DC one year, and later referred to it as “The Hicks Take Manhattan!” We went to Yellowstone and Mt. Rushmore and listened to my Mom’s story of when she went swimming with a moose, and when she jumped out of the car because her daddy’s driving on scary, narrow old winding mountain “roads” scared her worse than getting a spanking for not obeying when Grandpa said “STAY IN THIS CAR!” We logged a million miles- off-key church songs, warm bologna sandwiches, thermos jugs of coffee, gas station suppers, beautiful sunsets, roadside potty stops, and beds in the back of pickup trucks. Good, good times!


One Response to “We were the original Griswolds!”

  1. parwatisingari Says:

    hey I liked the bit I read.

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