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7 Quick Takes, Vol. 4 maybe? June 18, 2010

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Hello all.  Well, if this post is not as brilliant as it could be, blame it on my stupid computer.  I was almost finished and something happened and it closed and reopened the tab (which it’s been doing a lot lately) and I lost my whole post!  Grrrr! 

It was a 7 Quick Takes, and here they are:

1.  I gave RMB a good laugh the other night when we were having dinner and I had stuck my cell phone in my bra, under the strap at the top of the cup, despite the fact that I was wearing a shirt with a pocket almost right there in the same spot.  Then I gave him an even bigger laugh when I got a text message and my phone went off, lighting up and becoming visible through my shirt!  He said he was lucky to be dining with me and my “magic light-up party boobs!” 

2.  Daughter S. is starting driver’s ed in a week.  She’s been stressing out about where to go and what to bring, and I’ve been trying to convince her it’s all good, and she just needs to go in the front door at school and ask in the office on her first day.  I’m nervous for her, but I know she’ll be safe enough driving with the instructor.  She has one week in the classroom from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and then two weeks of small-group instruction, driving for two hours a day.  It will be so weird when I’m always riding in the passenger seat because one or the other of the girls needs to practice driving!

3.  Daughter S. also has something a little less stressful and hopefully much more exciting coming up.  Next month she goes to Oklahoma City to spend a week job-shadowing my baby sister, Emily.  She’ll be watching Em work during the day and they’ll have the evenings together.  Auntie Em is super fun, and has also bought tickets to a Lady GaGa concert.  She says they have crappy seats, but they’ll still have a good time. 

4.  I brought the kids home from their father’s house last night.  They had a good time, as always.  They love watching movies, playing video games, and visiting with their dad.  The girls got an extra kick out of it this time, because their dad and stepmom took them out and let them drive.  I had a nice, enjoyable time while they were gone.  It was so funny the first day, because I’ve always laughed a little at moms who acted like they couldn’t stand to be away from their kids for even a short time.  But the first day they were gone, a little boy came in the store where I work, and he reminded me so much of The Boy that I got all teary-eyed!  He was charming and talkative and really made me miss my Little Man.  But I got over it and had a nice time while they were gone- going out with RMB for dinner one night, and my cousin the next night.  It was a nice, enjoyable break. 

5.  And speaking of breaks, I’m off Monday. (Woo!)  I am taking Daughter J. to Oklahoma City, to her ocularist.  She is getting a new scleral shell.  I’m glad she’ll have it, but it’s definitely a long day, and a long, drawn out process.  We have to be there by 9:00 a.m., which means we have to leave home by 7:00 a.m.  Not particularly thrilled about that part. 

6.  Another break I’m not much looking forward to is the break from counseling I will have for the next two weeks.  The Golden Goddess is going on vacation, and it seems like a very long time.  I keep thinking that by the time she gets back, I’ll either be completely nuts or I’ll decide I don’t need counseling any more!  Actually that’s not likely, because my dearly beloved children are currently fighting and grouching with each other, and I’m not sure I can stand it much longer before I pinch their little heads off and roll them down the street!

7.  Can’t think of anything else of consequence, so I’ll just say I’m watching the fourth Harry Potter movie and it’s at the end where Cedric Diggory’s dad is wailing over his body, and you know, it’s actually kind of sad.  I know these films aren’t known for their fabulous acting, but that particular scene is really quite effective.

So now my 7 Quick Takes are concluded, and if it has cooled down any at ALL outside, I’m about to go walking with my cousin.  We went walking at the high school track while the kids were gone, and it was a lot easier than the walking trail at the park, obviously a lot smoother and flatter.  And smooshier.  I think it’s easier on my weak ankles and nonexistent arches to be walking on the nice, soft track.

So anyway, I’m off to sweat!  More 7 Quick Takes here

Until next time,



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