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Love My Family! June 7, 2010

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Hello all.  Well, the long-awaited Family Reunion has come and gone.  We came, we saw, we ate like pigs, we had family church in my grandpa’s garage, and now it’s back to normal life and wondering who will be there next time and who won’t. 

Seriously, I know I’ve gone on and on about this family reunion, but I love my family.  Yes, most people do.  But I mean I really love my family.  I don’t just mean I love the members of my family, but I love the way my family is– I love the way we love each other; I love the way we laugh at stupid stuff; I love the way we love God.  We had a family church service Sunday morning before everybody left, and it was every bit as inspiring as any moment I’ve ever spent sitting in a pew.  One of my Grandpa’s cousins who is a preacher brought a short devotional and we sang a few hymns together.  I loved it.  My family is blessed.  We have been left a legacy of faith and strength and musical talent that I truly think is rare. 

Part of it comes, I think, from knowing our origins.  Knowing our beginnings.  Knowing that our grandfather Isaac Hoffman was one of the founding settlers of Grant County, Kansas.  Knowing about Kyle and Ethel Wynona, and Alba Dean, and Harold and all those people who perservered and plowed and sweated in corn fields and cotton rows and endured dust bowls and droughts and death and loss and yet still kept the faith and kept moving forward.  Those people, whose strength runs in our veins and whose faith in God still echoes in our hearts, formed us and shaped us and made us who we are today. 

Part of it is that we make the effort to stay connected.  We see each other as much as possible in this busy, modern world where everyone has something going on every minute.  We schedule these reunions and we go out of our way to spend time together.  And when we ARE together, we relax!  We accept each other as we are and we laugh and reminesce about times when we did stupid stuff and we enjoy each other!

Anyway, I enjoyed the reunion- I wish I could have enjoyed eating the food without guilt and worry about what kind of damage I’d do to my weigh-in tomorrow.  I guess I’ll have to figure that one out some other time.  I tried to have some self control.  I didn’t go as hog-wild as I could have. (Because I’m telling you, people, my dad’s brisket is the best anywhere!)  I went for a walk with my cousins and my little sister Friday night, and I swam Saturday afternoon.  Maybe that helped some.  But it is too late to worry about that now, because it’s almost midnight, I weigh in at 9:30 tomorrow, and what is done is done.  Que Sera Sera. 

Until next time,



4 Responses to “Love My Family!”

  1. Dingo Says:

    Brisket? Did you say brisket? I haven’t had good brisket since I left Texas. I think I’ll be joining your family. I hope they don’t mind. Glad you had a good time.

  2. debbie Says:

    I really liked this blog. You are so amazing the way you accurately condense the essence of our family. I am also glad you braged on Daddy’s brisket. He said no one raved about how good it was. So he thought it wasn’t any good. Love you. mama

    • LenaDeeAnne Says:

      Thanks, Mom! I hope you know how much everything you did was appreciated, especially the stuff that was supposed to have been my and Amanda and Vallerie’s jobs!

      I’m glad you enjoy my writing!

      Love you!

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