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My Funny, Rotten Little Boy…and Other Topics May 27, 2010

Hello all.  Today was the last day of school (Hallelujah)!  I took the kids to school and went to The Boy’s awards assembly.  He got an art award that he wasn’t expecting and when he got it, he gave this big goofy grin, and a girl I graduated with who happened to be sitting behind me leaned down and asked, “Does anyone ever tell you he looks like Jim Carrey?”  And I said, “All the TIME!”  It was soooo funny!

He’s been on a roll lately.  Yesterday I was driving them to school and The Boy and Daughter J. were fussing in the back seat.  I reached back over the seat and swatted him on the leg.  You know what he said?  “Ouch. (beat)  Both hands on the wheel!” 

Then that night we were in church, and it was singing night.  On the last Wednesday night of every month we have a singing night where we learn and practice new songs.  We were singing a song called “I Am A Sheep.”  You know, ‘I am a sheep and the Lord is my Shepherd’ kind of song.  The Boy was sitting in front of me and my mom.  Daughter S. was sitting with him and Daughter J was beside me.  We were singing the song, and all of a sudden I saw S. lunge at him and get him in a sort of headlock with her hand over his mouth.  I leaned forward to see what the deal was, just in time to see him pull her hand down from over his mouth, and let out a tiny sheep noise! (baaaaah!)  I scolded him and told him to stop, but Daughter S, Mom, and I all got the giggles, and I was the last one to get over them!

I let Daughter S. drive (!) the back roads from church to Mom’s house last night, the same route that was my earliest driving experience.  She did very well.  Driver’s Ed starts for her in a few weeks.  On the way home, it was so sweet- they were listening to ‘I See You’ from Avatar, and The Boy was singing along with his sisters.  He almost never sings, but when he does, it blows my mind, because he can actually sing really well!  He sounded so sweet last night singing that song:  “I see me through your eyes…your love shines the way into paradise, so I offer my life as a sacrifice.”

I finally talked to RMB tonight after not hearing from him all day yesterday.  I went over to his house for a while.  We watched Terry Fator: Live From Las Vegas.   He is such an amazing entertainer.  I still feel pretty annoyed with RMB for not contacting me all day yesterday, just because he was in a bummed out bad mood and couldn’t deal with it.  But I guess I felt the same way or I would have called him sooner.

Anyway, I’m really glad school’s out, and I’m looking forward to the summer.  Our family reunion is next weekend.  My mom got sad last night at church because we sang a song called “The Family Of God.”  It was a song that my grandfather and his brother and sisters always sang together at previous reunions, and now Grandpa is the last one living.  They had such beautiful family harmony together.  My kids wanted to sing a song at the reunion.  They wanted to sing “Long Black Train” by Josh Turner, but Daughter J. will not be there because her church camp session begins on Sunday and I wouldn’t be able to take her to camp until Monday if she goes to the reunion.  She’s staying the weekend with some people from church and they are taking her to camp with their daughter.  So she won’t be there, and I really don’t want to sing it without her.  We’ll see. 

Well, it’s time for bed.  We’re watching Avatar yet again, and it’s nearly over.  Things to do tomorrow, including work, but mostly sleeping in!  Woo Hooo!  Yay for Summer! 

Until next time,



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