The Therapy Journals of the Fat-Headed Klingon Woman

One woman's journey to becoming Her True Self

7 Quick Takes (Vol. 2) May 17, 2010

Hello all!  It’s a ‘7 Quick Takes’ day, and I’m going to try to actually make them quick!  Because…..

1) I’m going to try to get my hair cut today, because a) I have way too much hair, and b) people say the older you get, the shorter your hair should get.  Either way, I’m tired of looking like a wild and woolly hippie woman! (Hey, that could be my next blog title after I’m not fat-headed anymore!)  (Which, see #7)

2) If I decide I can spare the money, I’m also going to get my nails done because it’s past time.  If I can’t spare the money, I’m going to buy some gloves! 🙂

3) In the Kid Funnies category, the other night I posted a status update on Facebook about how my kids were asking questions about ouija boards.  Of course I told them this was something they did not want to mess with, and to leave them alone.  Then Daughter S. came back from her room and said “I have a question.  If there were ghosts and spirits, why would they choose some random piece of board to talk to people through- why not the tv?  Why not this wall?  Why not that desk?  Why not…” (you get the idea).  So I said I didn’t know, and told her to go to bed, and she went to her room and I heard her ask, “Hey, why are my pants unfolded?”  And I said, “I guess it was a ghost talking to you through your pants!”  We shared a good laugh over that one!

4) Also in the Kid Funnies category, a couple of nights ago I was in the living room using the computer after the kids had gotten in bed.  As usual, the girls were in there talking and giggling, until finally Daughter S. yelled, “MOM!  WOULD YOU COME IN HERE PLEASE!?”  So I did, and she goes, “Would you turn off the light, please?”  I looked at them with that Mom-look that says “Let me get this straight.  You called me in here to turn off the light?”  And she’s giggling like crazy and says they’ve been lying in there arguing for 10 minutes about who’s going to get up and turn off the light.  I couldn’t help but laugh too.   Those girls are so nuts! 

5) Today was a rough morning with The Boy.  He got up and started playing Avatar on the PS3 before I was even up, which he knows he’s not supposed to do in the morning, and then he got all mouthy and grouchy when Daughter S. had to help him turn the thing off. (Actually, she pushed him out of the way- I guess that would make me mad too.)  But I had to swat him on the butt, and he was crying and yelling about how his butt was already hurting from falling down at the skating rink yesterday on his field trip and I should never spank his butt again!  Then later when we got almost in front of his school, he said “I’m not getting out of this car.  I am comfortable where I am!”  Of course, I begged to differ, and I told him he was too, indeed, getting out of the car, and he was whining about why do we have to go to school, and I told him because you have to get smart so you can get a job that makes money so you can have what you want in life and not have people have to help you all the time.  Then I reminded him we only have 6 days left after today, and we will be out for the summer.  He was not much cheered, but got out of the car, nonetheless. 

6) I love reunions!  We’re having a family reunion of my mom’s side of the family the first weekend in June.  I’m so looking forward to it, except the drive.  Because my car is still a piece of crap that gets on my last nerve because of the gas gauge thing and the ‘missing/surging’ thing it does.  However, I will not complain about the car because it is still running and gets me from here to there.  Maybe I’ll go have that checked out today too.  (The other reunion is the 20-year Class Reunion I’m helping to plan.  We had a meeting last night, and it was much fun-ness!  Can’t wait to see how much weight I can lose by the time we finally get it together, which leads me to…….

7) I was really upset and devastated by my 5 lb weight gain last week (which I really think was mostly water retention because of all the junk food, but still) so I worked really hard this past week, stayed on track, watched points carefully, and lo and behold!  This week’s weight loss…. 9.2 lbs!  WOW!!  I knew I’d do well.  There was no question I’d lose, and I was hoping to undo the damage I did last week plus a pound or two at best, but 4.2?!  As Daughter S. says, “That’s Awesome-Sauce!”  My next 5% goal is another 16 lbs.  I think I can accomplish that by the end of June.  The next 16 need to come off by mid-late August.  At that point, I will be lighter than I’ve been in 6 years.  Woo hoooo!

And those are my 7 Quick Takes for today.  Gotta check my bank balance and see if I can track down my old hairdresser’s phone number!  Then shower and get myself to town!  See more 7 Quick Takes here.

Until next time,



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