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Living With Dictators (Part 1) May 12, 2010

Hello all.  So I mentioned last night that we brought two kittens into our home, and that I suggested the kids call one of them ‘Hitler’ because of the little black smudge under its nose?  Well, it appears they’ve settled on that, because I kept referring to it that way, and then I said they should call the other one Mussolini, and I think we’re going to keep those!  Never mind that they’re both girls, I think.  That doesn’t matter.  Haven’t you ever heard of The Boy Named Sue?  Ok then!

So anyway.  I went to the dollar store last night after supper and bought a cat box and some litter and food.  Then when I got home I realized the entrance to the litter box was way too high for them to even get in, because they’re still so little!  (Duh, me!) So I had to substitute one of those aluminum foil roasting pans from the kitchen, since it was old and floppy and I never use it. 

We situated the little furry dictators in the bathroom for the night, and they proceeded to yowl and whine for a while, but finally settled down.  The Boy was in the same boat!  He couldn’t get to sleep and kept getting out of bed and coming in the living room, but finally got to sleep probably between 11:30 and 12.  Poor kid.  I just knew waking him up was going to be hard today, but it really wasn’t.  He rolled out about 7:30 and got dressed and ready to go more quickly and easily than usual.

I rescued Hitler and Mussolini from the bathroom after I woke up the kids, and The Dictators wandered all over the living and dining rooms meowing like… I’m not sure what, exactly.  I’m not a Cat Whisperer, so I don’t know if they were scared or hungry or just had a lot on their minds.  It was so funny though, when I went to get them out of the bathroom, they were hiding in the corner between the tub and toilet, and Mussolini hissed at me like “Don’t mess with me.  I’m not kidding, I mean it!  I’ll hurt you!”  Then when I picked her up, she just looked like, “Awww, man!”

Anyway, my plan is to make their adventures, growth, and development a regular series in this blog.  I’m also getting ready to add a creative writing page where I will publish my most recent short story in installments, as well as any poetry I might write.  Speaking of which, one of my poems was accepted for inclusion in Southeastern’s student literary journal, Green Eggs and Hamlet!  The advisor, Dr. Prus, said he would send me a copy or copies as soon as they’re out.  I’ve been published in GEH before, but it may be a bigger deal now because I’m not still a student there.  They probably choose alumni works less often.  So yay me!

Stay tuned for the future adventures of The Dictators, sometimes in their own words! 

Until next time,



3 Responses to “Living With Dictators (Part 1)”

  1. Scott Miller Says:

    You said “Cat Whisperer” Lol..

  2. Mandie Says:

    ARG! I wish the 2 cats we had would fall into a black hole! Best of luck with The Dictators.

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