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7 Quick Takes (Updated!) May 10, 2010

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Hello all.  I’ve been wanting to try this 7 Quick Takes thing for a while, so here goes.  The concept is, when you are either trying to save time or can’t scrape up the brain power to devote a full blog entry to one subject, you list seven short subjects and combine them!  It’s all-purpose blogging at its best!

1.  My eyes opened today exactly one hour before my alarm was set to go off.  Anybody else hate the heck outta when that happens!?  And I was all, “Great, now I’ve lost an hour of sleep!” but then when my alarm clock went off an hour later, I was all, “Whaaazzzaaa?” and woke up from the sleep I’d apparently fallen back into, and then I hit snooze a couple of times as always, and went back to dreaming, but about what I can’t remember.

2.  There are only 17 days of school left, and can I get a Hallelujah about that!  I’m not even teaching this year, and I’m rooting for Summer to get here ASAP.  I hate having to get the kids up and around in the mornings.  I have not raised ‘Morning Children.’  I turn on their lights and tell them ‘good morning’ at 7:00 a.m. each day.  The time that they finally roll their butts off the bed varies from 7:30 to 7:50.  The girls’ first bell rings at about 8:10!  We manage to make it to school un-tardy most days, but there is not a lot of meaningful conversation occurring.  And they’re lucky if they all have some sustenance before we leave, but I’ve learned that aside from adequate clothing and backpacks, the only thing we must, must MUST remember is that all members of the family designated as Medicated Members must be properly Medicated or else school will not be pretty, chaos will ensue, and Mommy will probably get a phone call from the elementary school office at some point during the day, which will cause severe unhappiness.

3.  For much of the time I’ve been wasting online this morning, I have been hearing the scratch-clunk-shuffle-clink of a captured turtle trying to escape his RubberMaid prison.  He’s in The Boy’s room and I can hear him every time he manages to gain altitude and then slides down the side and lands with a thunk.  The ‘clink’ is the sound of him walking over the glass plate The Boy put in there for Mr. T. to drink from.  I’m thinking Mr. T. will eventually give up and begin looking for ways to commit suicide.  I thought of freeing him myself, but that would make Little Man unhappy, to come home from school and find his friend missing.  And also, I’m sure Daughter S. will torture her brother by insisting he release the turtle when they get home from school.  And if that doesn’t work, she’ll toss him over the fence herself and The Boy will go get him, as he did yesterday.  SIGH!!!!  {ETA- Daughter S. freed the turtle while The Boy was taking a nap.  Daughter J. contributed to the situation by forging a note from Mr. T. saying goodbye and explaining why he just couldn’t live here anymore.  The Boy was not fooled.  There probably would have been bodily injury, but we were hiding in the hall from a tornado.}

4.  Apparently there are rules of blogging.  Maybe written, maybe unwritten, but according to what I’ve read this morning, I am not supposed to write about work. Not sure if this applies only to the La-Di-Dah Corporate world the blogger I was reading was employed in or what, but the point is moot, since I’ve already done it.  And also, I need to remember how many people who read me are connected with other people I know, especially when I write snarky remarks about the other people and totally forget that they’ll likely eventually hear about it and wonder just who I think I am? 

5.  I experienced immense amounts of frustration this morning because of a stupid garden hose.    A garden hose, because when my dearly beloved parents came and mowed my yard the other day, they unhooked the hose so they could avoid slicing it into tiny pieces.  So I discovered the poor dogs were out of water this morning and was going to rectify the situation, but woe is me- I’m apparently too dumb to figure out a water hose connector!  I tried to hook it up on the south side of the house.  It didn’t work.  I thought perhaps the twisty thready part was just messed up on the hose or on the nozzle on that side, so I tried different parts of the hose and the other side of the house, all to no avail!  It was very bad for my blood pressure, and even worse for my mouth, because of the somewhat (ok, extremely) foul language that issued forth!  So finally I went in the house and filled a big tea pitcher and an old Gatorade bottle and carried them outside to fill the water pans.  The dogs were most grateful, and now I’ll have to mess with the hose again some other time!

6.  Weight Watchers is tomorrow.  Not sure how well I’ll do, but I’ll probably at least hit my 10% goal and get my little key ring.  It could be dicey.  I’ve not been keeping careful track of my points the last few days, and right this second I’m eating Ramen Noodles with cheese in them!  Say what you will, I don’t care.  I have always loved Ramen Noodles, as my college roomies can testify.  Oh, wait, maybe that was The Redhead.  I don’t remember.  I had to eat them today, because there was nothing better and more healthy in the house, and even as I type this sentence, several more healthy options I could have made are throwing themselves into my consciousness and dancing and singing “Nah nah, you could have not blown your diet if you’d just thought ahead and not let yourself get so hungry!” (Tuna salad w/ veggies on a whole grain wrap… veggie omelette…whatever!)  {ETA- total diet blowing also occurred while hanging out at Mom’s tonight, hoping to avoid tornadoes.  She warmed up leftover grilled hot dogs and I ate… um… several.  Darn it.  Now with all that sodium, who knows how WW will go tomorrow?}

And finally:

7.  I’m going to be late for work if I don’t hurry, and the bank just called and said “I need you to call me,” which is never good, and I’m trying not to be despondent about the fact that I haven’t heard about the Springer Job, and apparently, 7 Quick Takes is neither a Brain Power Saver, nor a Time Saver, because I’ve found a lot of stuff I could write more about and this post is nearly 1000 words!  What the heck?!  Maybe I did it wrong.

Until next time,


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