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Encounters of the Four-Legged Kind! May 9, 2010

Hello all.  Happy Mother’s Day!  I hope everyone has had an enjoyable day.  We went to church this morning, and for the first time in forever, my sisters and I were all there.  Baby Sister was in town for the weekend, and Middle Sister came out to go to church with us as a sort of gift for Mom’s special day.  It was nice.  Afterwards, all of us except Middle Sister and Melon-Head went to Mom’s.  We tried to talk her into going out to eat, but she had already started some food before church, so we just went over there.

After that, someone got the bright idea to go look at the animals in the Ardmore Animal Shelter.  I won’t say who, but her initials are M.y M.other.  So we cleaned off the table and put things away, and loaded up to drive all the way to the other side of Ardmore to go look at all these poor animals we had no intention of adopting.  Seriously, I hate going there!  There are so many animals, and some of them are so beautiful, and you just know that there are never going to be enough people to adopt them all, but you try not to think about it, and then the kids start begging for a kitten and you know you have to say no, but way deep down inside you wish you could say yes, but you don’t and then all the kids start missing their various pets that have died, disappeared, or are backpacking through Europe to find themselves, and they all get sad and depressed, and it all could have been avoided if Grandma would have just kept her ideas to herself!  You know that feeling, right?

Anyway.  Daughter S. is STILL sad about her cat that disappeared a year ago, which I had no idea she was so attached to, and will forever feel bad about that.  It was a fluffy black calico named Pearl.  She was a really sweet cat, but geez, she barfed all. the. time!  Maybe hairballs were to blame, maybe she had something wrong with her, but we basically have a brand new house after the fire, and I really would not wish to have it continually christened with cat hurl, so I’m glad the poor thing is no longer with us.  Except that it makes my Daughter S. so sad!  Still.

And speaking of pets that should not still be here, guess which hard-shelled houseguest is still in The Boy’s keeping?  That’s right, Mr. Turtle is still with us.  I didn’t make The Boy take him back to Grandma’s after church this morning, but he’s gotta go soon, before A.’s more destructive tendencies kick in and he somehow commits Turtle-cide.  (He just informed me that he and Timmy Turtle were going in the living room, “because we’re bored.  I don’t know what to do and he doesn’t know what to do.”  I told him to clean his room, and suddenly he’s not bored anymore!  Isn’t that amazing?)

Daughter J. doesn’t really miss any pets yet.  She still has the dogs.  Oscar, Sadie, and Abby.  Here they are in their kennel when we were still at Mom and Dad’s after the fire.    Abby, the black and tan is on the left.  Oscar is the black and white in the middle, and poor old Sadie is on the right.


Sadie is Daughter J.’s favorite, and everyone else’s least favorite, because the poor dog is ugly! She’s a mixed breed, so she has too long legs, and a weird chest, and an underbite!  She is also the oldest, so I definitely dread the day when something happens to her.  Nobody on Earth has yet to equal Daughter J.’s ability to obsess!  When the dogs get out of the fence sometimes, J. will chase all over the neighborhood to get them back, no matter what the weather or the time of day.  Then when she gets them back in, she finds where they got out and piles junk in front of the hole- rocks, pieces of board, spare tires.  Whatever she can find that she thinks is heavy enough to keep them safely contained.  Which is why my house looks like it was landscaped by Sanford and Son!

So anyway.  Will not be adopting a new Pearl from the shelter any time soon, but if anybody has any black calico/tortoise shell cats they want to get rid of for free, I might consider it. 

Until next time,



3 Responses to “Encounters of the Four-Legged Kind!”

  1. Scott Says:

    Pets are a kids dream, but a parent’s nightmare. I cleaned Lucy’s cage, our Guinea Pig, I clean Katie’s cat box.. If the kids do it, they miss half of it so I have to go behind them anyway, ect.. When it’s treat time or play time, they love pets! But when the work comes, they disappear. Pet’s don’t teach kids responsibility, it just shows them how far downhill a mistreated pet can get before a parent steps in.

    I never would have thought about going to the shelter for mom’s day though, Lol.. Maybe Pet Smart, or the Zoo. Lol..


    • LenaDeeAnne Says:

      True. J. has to be reminded to feed the dogs every time. Regarding the trip to the shelter, it wasn’t necessarily a Mother’s Day outing, it just happened to take place on Mother’s Day. I failed to mention that Mom and Dad had gone there a day or two ago. They’re sorta, kinda, almost but not quite in the market for an outside dog. They live out in the country, and there are things that need to be kept at bay, you know. The topic of the shelter came up and suddenly everyone just HAD to go see all the animals. Definitely not my idea of a good time. The smell! And looking into the poor sad eyes of all those dogs. Would rather have joined Dad in flipping back and forth between Deadliest Catch and Cake Boss!

      As always, thanks for reading!

  2. Scott Says:

    Yea, the smell is something else. We usually go to a local shelter when we’re in the market. We pay an adoption fee, but first year shots and spay/neuter is included in the fee.

    There is a mom and pop pet store we’ve been to also.. The smell is unreal, guess it’s something that just can’t be helped.

    Have a good night!

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