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Things I Know After Yesterday’s Post… May 7, 2010

Hello all!  Wow- yesterday’s post was my second-highest read ever.  Certainly it inspired some great comments and conversations in different forums.  I want to thank those who read and commented.  Please know that I do have peace with the situation.  I know I am forgiven for anything I’ve done that was wrong, and I know that being legally divorced is where I need to be at this point, for the reasons of abandonment and irreconcilable differences.  (Aside from the emotional aspect, the hardest part is finding the $$!) I know God knows my mind and heart because He made me.  Because of this, I know that if He wants me to find love again and be married again someday, He will propel the right person into my path. 

I know that the most important things in my life are my family and friends, and trying to influence them to join me in loving God and believing in Jesus, and living so that we’ll someday see Heaven.  That’s all I’ve ever tried to do.

Thanks again for reading, for commenting, and for being seekers on the journey with me!  And maybe after this post, I can get on with the business of trying to be funny!

Love and blessings to all! 

Until next time,



One Response to “Things I Know After Yesterday’s Post…”

  1. rodney Says:

    De Anne, Have you thought about check it out.

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