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3 Movies: What I Loved and Learned from Meryl, George, and Emily May 2, 2010

Hello all.   This weekend has been a pretty good one.  Because the other two are at Campfire camp, Daughter S. and I have been by ourselves since Friday after school.  Friday night we went out to eat at the local Italian place, Luigi’s, and rented movies.  The three movies we rented were all so different, and they made me think about a lot of different things that I wanted to share in this entry.

The first movie we watched was It’s Complicated, with Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin.   I really enjoyed this movie, because it was about a strong, independent woman taking chances and risks and doing what she needed to do to learn about herself and to discover how to be happy.  I could really relate.  I loved the parts where she was having dinner with her best friends and they could talk and share what they were doing in their lives, and be honest without fear of judgement.  I liked how the character of Jane took charge of her life and made the changes she wanted to make for herself and nobody else. 

The second movie we watched was called The Young Victoria.  It was a costume drama about Queen Victoria of England before and immediately after she first came to the throne.  Here again was a story of a strong, intelligent woman who could hold her own in a man’s world.  Emily Blunt played Victoria.  The movie had a lot of other great English actors in it, but that wasn’t the best part.  The part I liked best was how she made her own choices and stood by them, whether they were popular or not.  She knew that even if she made mistakes, they were her mistakes and she would own them.  I loved the passion between her and Prince Albert, how even though they were drawn together by outside forces, they were lucky enough to see each other for themselves and to fall in love on their own.  It also made me think about medicine and childbirth in that time period, because they had nine children!!  I’ve only had one child that wasn’t by c-section, and that was with an epidural.  I cannot imagine going through it nine times, with no pain relief, and no technology.  Even though she was the Queen and she probably had the absolute best care available at that time, I can’t imagine the strength she must have had!  And then the fact that amazed me was that their descendants have become the royal families of about 10 countries!  Just incredible.

The third movie I watched was Up In the Air starring George Clooney, Vera Farmiga, and Anna Kendrick.  This movie just depressed me and ticked me off.    It was about a clueless corporate guy who fires people for a living and gets his thrills from committment-free sex and the elite status of his ever-increasing air miles.  He was also a motivational speaker whose message was basically ‘Let go of everything and everybody in your life, keep yourself free of baggage, and you’ll be happy.  Yeah, you’ll die alone, but your life will have less crap in it.’  Then he gets all sentimental about this woman he’s been seeing and he tries to get more emotionally involved with her and the other people in his life, only to get kicked in the teeth by finding out she’s married and has a family.  Then he achieves his goal in life of racking up 10 MILLION air miles and it means absolutely nothing.  He can’t even remember why it was so important.

After this movie, I went to bed feeling. so. bad!  It was like nothing mattered.  I wanted to take my blog down, blow off the class reunion, tell all my friends to take a flying leap, never be a teacher again, give up on losing weight, and just throw in the towel on everything.  I don’t know exactly why I had this mood crash, but it was awful.  I just let it go and went to sleep, but this morning still woke up feeling blah. 

Today hasn’t at all gone the way I planned so far.  We’re missing church, partly because I waited too long to get up and get ready  because I was messing with blog stuff and messaging on Facebook, but also because Daughter S. had an allergy/sinus attack yesterday and today has a raging sore throat from the drainage.  I had planned to get up early and make it to Sunday School and enjoy going to church, just me and Daughter S., but I guess we can go tonight.

Anyway.  I think the only thing I can learn from this Movie Weekend experience is that I absolutely have to keep working on the things that matter.  I have to keep working on my weight loss, and keep up with my housecleaning, and keep working on trying to be a better parent, and especially keep believing in my writing and relationship dreams.  We all have baggage in life- we’re all going to have baggage.  But I can still be strong and independent, I can make my own choices and mistakes and own them and stand by them.  I can let go of the things that don’t matter, but not everything, because a life free of ties is no life at all.  It’s a drifting, pointless journey.  I don’t mind drifting, but I can’t handle pointless. 

Until next time,



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