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Campfire Camp, The Next Jim Carrey, and a Penguin Huddle! April 30, 2010

Hello all.  I have no plan for this post, so it may go nowhere fast.  The one thing I wanted to share was something my hilariously funny Daughter S. said the other day.  We were in the grocery store, and the kids were already chilled because I had the AC up too high in the car or something.  We’re in produce.  I stop to try to decide what kind of apples to buy, and all three of the kids cluster around me in an effort to keep warm!  Daughter S. lays her head on my chest and says, in her best silly-happy voice, “Penguin huddle!”  I laughed, and she explained that penguins really do this.   So I grab the apples and start walking, and she follows after me, still all scrunched in on herself like she’s still in the huddle and walking like a penguin, and says, “Wait, WAIT!  Penguins can’t huddle that fast!”  I had to stop then, because I was doubled over laughing.

Last night we had a family counseling session with the kids’ counselor.  (I don’t have a cool nickname for her yet.  She and The Golden Goddess are sort of a team.)  Anyway.  Last time we met, one of The Boy’s assignments, to help satisfy his need for attention and release his desperate overstock of energy, was to put together a One-Man Show and perform it for us.  So we failed to get that done, and he was quick to inform Ms. K. that we “forgot the Jim Carrey thing.”  See, our counselors think he is so funny and so excellent at making goofy faces, that he is totally going to be the next Jim Carrey.  They tell him that all the time.  They even think he looks like Jim, but he’s not related.  I promise.  He’s just a really good mimic.  I am under strict orders to contact the local theater about summer acting classes so he’ll have An Outlet.  I will probably get beaten if I forget to do this.

I can’t think of anything Daughter J. has done recently that was funny.  She’s in that stage where all she seems to be able to do is mutter under her breath, glare, roll her eyes, slam doors, and stomp huffily from the room when someone makes the mistake of asking her a question.  It’s getting quite old, and I’m beginning to be concerned that she will never mature past it. 

Hopefully this weekend will be good, though!  Two out of three of my little Crumb Crunching Curtain Climbing House Apes will be out of the house almost all weekend!  Daughter J. and The Boy are going to Campfire camp!  My mother, the crazy, insane glutton-for-punishment Campfire leader, is going to be out at the group camp at Lake Murray with my kids and the rest, hiking, canoeing, arts-and-crafts-ing, and ‘WoHeLo-ing’ until her eyeballs fall out!  Daughter S. and I will be sitting at home, watching rented movies and enjoying the calm.  Mwahahahahahaha!

Until next time,


PS- As soon as possible, I will scan and post Daughter S.’s cartoon she drew the other day.  I laughed so hard I thought I’d wet myself.  She’s gifted, that’s all there is to it.


One Response to “Campfire Camp, The Next Jim Carrey, and a Penguin Huddle!”

  1. Toes Says:

    Oooh my goodness!!!! Acting class! Why didn’t I think of that? It’s brilliant he’ll love it and be wonderful at it too. 🙂 I won’t let you forget about this 🙂

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