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Legalities, Merchandising, and How Begging Is Good For Your Character April 29, 2010

Hello all!  I’m going to be totally zombie-like today.  I stayed up until midnight reading old posts on Hyperbole and a Half.  Then I got in bed and tossed and turned and flipped and flopped like a frog on a griddle.  The Golden Goddess would tell me it’s because I didn’t turn the computer off early enough, and that the after-effects of something called ‘blue light’ were keeping me awake.  She says they stimulate your brain.  That’s probably true.  She knows a lot of stuff.  But it was actually a lot of other stuff. 

Actually, what was stimulating my brain was my disgust with myself for still not knowing, by the age of 37, when to resist the urge to say what I’m thinking if it doesn’t need to be said.  Then again, that’s kind of counter-productive for someone who wants to become a famous blogger. (Boy, if that’s not an odd ambition!)  I was also thinking of ideas for blog posts.  Some of them were totally random, like I was going to put one up called “25 Things That Would Scare the Crap Out of Me!” and there’s another type of entry called “7 Quick Takes” that I’ve seen other places and considered stealing (with credit, of course).  I was thinking about how to maintain my own style and voice and yet find a way to be as cool as other writers seem to be!  In other words, chasing popularity.  How totally high school!

Anyway.  I’ve been thinking about the whole ‘online store’ thing.  I would so love to have coffee mugs and hoodies and t-shirts with my blog title and logo on them!  I know it’s not like I’m flooded with readers yet, but The Golden Goddess told me she would totally wear a hoodie from The Therapy Journals if I had one.  And she’d proudly drink from a coffee mug with my alien face on it and tell everyone where she got it!  The problem is that I happened to choose a registered trademark as one of the crucial words in my blog title.  I’m trying to check into how much I could get away with using that word without getting in trouble for using it without permission.  But I’ve asked around and I’m pretty sure that actually getting full use permission would involve many lawyers and many more dollars, neither of which I have at my disposal, so I guess I’m screwed.  I could just use the k-word with an original image and figure they’ll either a) never find out or b) not care enough to spend the money to do anything about that I’m selling coffee mugs and hoodies at cost to my closest friends and family and loyal fans, that just happen to include one of their words on it.  Geez, apparently people out there write books in the Klingon language!  Who dreams up this stuff?

Anyway, I’ve also asked Daughter S. to attempt to draw some artwork for said imaginary future merchandise.  She hasn’t managed to get it started yet.  I’m waiting patiently.  I also asked someone else to draw one for me, and haven’t heard from this person yet either, but my asking was kind of random and out of left field, so it may take this person a while to figure out a) who in the heck I am, and b) how I have the nerve to ask her to draw a Fat-Headed Klingon Woman for me!

So friends, let me know what you think.  Would you wear a Therapy Journals hoodie or drink your daily brew from a Therapy Journals mug if I had them?  (In my mind, what I actually just said was “Please, please, please tell me you’d drink from my mugs and wear my hoodies!?  And while we’re on the subject, could you comment more and subscribe and nominate me in some blog contests, and list me in blog directories and email all the people you know that I don’t and tell them how funny you think I am, and even when I’m not funny I’m still worth reading, please please please?!)  And yes, it’s painfully clear I’m not above begging.  Hey, begging is good for your character.  It teaches you humility. 

Think about it and get back to me.

Until next time,



6 Responses to “Legalities, Merchandising, and How Begging Is Good For Your Character”

  1. De Leica Says:

    What if you changed the K word to a funny made up word starting with K? You could even do a small contest among your readers.

    • LenaDeeAnne Says:

      That’s a great idea. I’m thinking if I absolutely have to change it, I may just change it to ‘alien’ because of the description explaining how I came up with it.

  2. rodney Says:

    You could just use “cling-on” instead of klingon…..we would know what you mean.

    • LenaDeeAnne Says:

      Thanks! I probably could, but there’s probably all kinds of legal loopholes against that sort of thing! It’s ok though. Based on what I’ve been told by “sekret sources,” I could probably use the word and they probably wouldn’t care as long as I wasn’t making a massive profit. Maybe someday I can make the whole hoodies and coffee mugs thing happen!

  3. Stephanie Says:

    I would completely drink my latte out of your mugs! I think all women feel like a Fat-Headed Klingon Woman at some point in our lives.

    Have you thought about asking Dahlia to draw the art for your merch?

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