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Ok, Did I Drink A Gallon of Espresso In My Sleep?! April 28, 2010

Hello all!  I’m so excited!  I’m just wound up about everything!  Let’s see, where to start?

Weight Watchers meeting was yesterday.  I lost another 2.8, putting me at -33.6 since January 19.  I’m really excited because next week all I have to do is lose about the same again, and I’ll get a 5 lb. star, my 10% goal keyring, and my Stay and Succeed charm.  Yay me!  It’s funny though- I was watching the leader in the meeting yesterday, and she was wearing this cute little minidress…. I can’t imagine ever having those skinny little legs, even when I do get to my goal!  The Golden Goddess tells me I may never have skinny little legs- I may be built differently.  I guess only time will tell.  I’m still not able to clearly visualize myself at my goal weight, but it’s getting a little easier to imagine.

And speaking of the Golden Goddess, I’m not sure, but I think she’s planning to try to kill me!  We met yesterday for my regular counseling appointment, which lately has been at Regional park, walking on the trail, and she mentioned that her plan is that eventually we will meet 30 minutes earlier and walk the trail all the way to the lake and back.  You know how far that is!?  5 miles!!!   I think she might be nuts.  But we’ve talked about me training with her to do a 5K, which I don’t think would be all that hard, but walking FIVE miles before I have to go to work?  I don’t know if I’d make it through the day!

Another thing I’m super excited about is my 20-year high school reunion.  We’re just starting to plan our reunion and I’m really looking forward to it.  I know, call me a nerd, but I really do love getting to see people I graduated with, talking to them, seeing how their lives turned out.  I think it’s important to keep connected with your roots and your history.  And really?  We’re all adults now.  It doesn’t matter who was friends with whom in HS, who stayed skinny, who got fat, who has gray hair, who has NO hair.  It’s about people you loved, people you grew with, matured with, experienced and journeyed with.  And getting the chance to know people you weren’t friends with in HS but might be able to appreciate now that you’re older and wiser.  It’s about sharing what we’ve learned on life’s path, and about having fun together!!!  And miraculously, as far as I know, of a class of 90-something people, we haven’t had anybody die.  (Forgive me if I’m overlooking someone I didn’t know about, but to the best of my knowledge, we’re all still alive and kicking!) 

Also, I’ve been connecting with old friends on Facebook, which totally makes me happy.  Facebook might be the best invention ever.  It has given me a way to get to know people I thought I’d never actually know for themselves, as people, rather than just people I used to admire from afar.  To connect with people I thought had been lost forever. 

Work has been ok, even though one of our co-workers is definitely lost for good.  She’s left her husband and gone into hiding.  I was afraid we’d be horribly busy and running ourselves ragged, but so far it’s not too bad. 

Anyway.  I’m happy, life is good, and I’m still all jittery excited.  Who slipped me the espresso in my sleep?!  I haven’t even been to Starbucks yet today!

Until next time,


PS!!!!!!   Holy Crap!  I forgot to mention that if I decide to go, and can save up enough money, I’ll get to sing with my baby sister in a concert on the GREAT WALL of Flippin CHINA next year!  How totally cool is that?!


2 Responses to “Ok, Did I Drink A Gallon of Espresso In My Sleep?!”

  1. Mandie Says:

    Oh my gosh! You have to go to China! Even if you have to pick up pop and beer cans out of the ditches all summer! How many chances in life will you get to stand and sing on the great freaking wall!!!
    Need someone with a laptop and wifi to skype me in for the reunion meeting! Just joking! I’ll be there in spirit though.

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