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Check Out What I Found! April 20, 2010

Filed under: Sharing Good Discoveries — DDKlingonGirl @ 8:19 am

Hello all.  Just wanted to write a short entry to call attention to the new link I added to my blogroll.  I stumbled across it the other day, and it’s great!  Daughter S. and I had a fantastic time reading it and laughing together.  She was perched on the arm of my chair, and there were a couple of times she almost fell off, we were laughing so hard.  Once I thought she was going to have to give me oxygen!  Even The Boy got in on the act.  We laughed our butts off!

This author, Allie Brosh, writes superbly entertaining blog entries, but her hook is that she includes artwork that she creates with a paint program.  She even has merchandise that includes some of her best known creations, so apparently she’s been around a while.  (Jealous!) 

So anyway, highly recommend this blog.  Spaghatta Nadle is funnier than heck if you have a twisted sense of humor.  One caveat:  she does frequently use profanity in her cartoons and her writing, so if that offends you, you’ve been warned. 

Here’s hoping there will someday be an online store with The Therapy Journals of the Fat-Headed Klingon Woman mugs and t-shirts and mousepads available at reasonable prices!  So Jealous!  Auuugghhhh!

So I’m off to WW.  I’m sure you’ll hear about that later.  I don’t know what to expect this week.  I haven’t felt like I was completely out of control, but I know I’ve not been super good either.  Needless to say, I”m pulling out the cheats- I’m wearing lighter clothes and shoes than last week!  I guess we’ll see what happens.   Next week I’ll either have to get my stuff together or show up in an outfit carefully crafted of Saran Wrap and/or single ply TP!

Thanks for reading!  Love you bunches.  Hoping the karma of sending someone else page hits and readers comes around and brings me a few! 🙂  You didn’t think I was plugging someone else’s work just out of the goodness of my heart, did you? Sucka!  Kidding- I’d recommend this blog anyway!  Go read it! 

Until next time,



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