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Chicken-Fried, Trailer-Trash Smackdown! April 10, 2010

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Hello all.  Wow.  I just went off on some condescending poster on a message board because they displayed a horribly hateful attitude about fat people.  The thread was a discussion of a new food item that Kentucky Fried Chicken has apparently put out, consisting of two fried chicken patties, with bacon, cheese, and something called Special Sauce in between them.  That’s right, folks, we’ve now eliminated bread completely!  Anyway, the original poster wrote about how there are probably few people who would eat this particular horror of a food, and the judgemental victim of my wrath said something to the effect that there surely were “some fat slobs who would” and that it was nice to know that her tax dollars would go to pay for their medical care and treatments because they’d been putting stuff like this in their bodies. 

This message board has a reputation button where you can add to or take away from people’s measured reputation on the board.  Juvenile, I know, but anyway.  So I hit that big ol’ negative rep button and said, “Nice talk.  Yeah, I’m fat, and no, I’m not a slob, and I wouldn’t eat this crap either.  Please don’t get dizzy on your high horse.  I’d hate for you to fall off and break something that my tax dollars would pay to fix.” 

I just hate it when people get that attitude, like ALL fat people are lazy, stupid, uncaring, nasty slobs, sitting around in their underwear drinking straight bacon grease out of a coffee mug!  Geez, that gets to me!  Kind of like the term ‘trailer trash.’  Nothing gets my goat more than stuck up, self-righteous people who assume that someone is lower class simply because they live in a trailer home. 

I would be wrong to assume the opposite, wouldn’t I?  That all skinny people are cold, hard, hateful, uncaring health-bots who only eat carrots and celery, who’d rather be dead than be fat, who get up at 5 a.m. and jog ten miles before eating half a grapefruit for breakfast, and worry about the calories in the glue on an envelope?  Or that anyone who lives in a large brick home with a manicured lawn and a paved driveway is automatically a snooty, selfish, condescending rich person who looks at all people of lower socioeconomic levels as something disgusting on the bottom of their shoe?

Yes, I’d be wrong to assume that, and I wouldn’t assume that, because people are different, no matter what size they are or what type of home they live in or how much money they make or don’t make!  I don’t know people’s hearts and souls.  I don’t know how they live their lives or what they do with their time.  I do not have the right to judge them, period!  Therefore, nobody else has the right to judge me based on the size of my body.  Yes, a person’s body size can tell you a few basic facts about them.  Whether they have a history of consuming more calories than they expend, for example.  But for the love of Ronald McDonald, PLEASE, do NOT assume that because someone is fat, they are stupid, lazy, worthless, or any other negative adjective in the book!  They often feel this way about themselves already!  Needlessly, because it’s not true and they’ve only been made to feel this way by the judgement and condemnation of people who don’t have a clue!  I may think the guy on the park bench over there must just eat 5 Big Macs a day, but what if he has a rare disease?  What if he is taking a medicine that causes his weight gain?  What if he does eat 5 Big Macs a day?  How, by any stretch of anyone’s imagination, is it MY business or anyone else’s? 

And while we’re on the subject of stupidity and intolerance, this same message board I’m referring to had a thread about the Tea Party people and their misspelled, grammatically incorrect signs.  I didn’t even bother to post in that thread, but seriously?  So what if people misspell their signs?  Some people are just really bad spellers.  Does that mean they are not entitled to their opinion?  Does it mean they are automatically so stupid that their opinion is worthless and should not even be heard, much less considered?  Does it mean that they, as human beings, are somehow of less worth because their protest and rally signs are spelled wrong?  Of course not.  It’s just more snide judgement from the self-proclaimed intellectual elite who think spelling and grammar are everything and you have to have a Harvard degree to have an intelligent, well thought out, worthwhile opinion. 

Well I’m not sorry, but I call BS on that one.  Anyone who sees fit to discount someone’s opinion and view them as substandard, sub-worth people, for any shallow reason like the shelter they live in, the size of their bodies, or the words they painted on a posterboard, is not someone I care to listen to, or whose viewpoint I’m likely to consider.  Their viewpoint is obstructed by something much worse than poverty, fatness, or illiteracy, and that is bigotry.  And in the face of bigotry, there is simply no reasoning.

Vive’ la difference!

Until next time,



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