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Prognostications of a Foggy-eyed Fortune Teller April 7, 2010

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Hello all!  Hope everyone is having a great day.  I’m doing very well.  Yesterday was Weight Watchers and I lost another 2.8, putting me at -27.8 since January 19.  The topic of discussion was exercising or walking, and I was wound up!  First they were listing benefits of exercise, and I had to mention how it helps with my singing, which I like.  You know, better lung capacity for holding out those notes.  Then I had to share a little about the whole Ecstasy in the Park walking experience last week.  It was a good meeting.  It made me think, as I was leaving, about the first time I went there.  I sat at the ‘new member sign up’ table, way in the back, trying to be as unobtrusive as possible.  Now I talk in meetings, share ideas, contribute, etc.  I’m not trying to be as invisible as I was, and it feels good.  After the meeting, I went and walked at the park and then went to the Vegetarian restaurant, Brookview Cafe, for a salad.  It was very good- I may have to go back there again for something else!

I’m trying to see in my mind what I’ll be like, and where the other areas of my life will be, by the time I get to my final goal weight.  I still can’t completely picture it, but I’ve been thinking I might like to be a WW leader when I do get there.  It’s probably the only way I could keep the weight off!  

As for the other areas of my life, I can’t imagine that either.  I still don’t know about the career thing, still haven’t figured out what I’m meant to be doing.  The girls will probably be almost out of school by the time I get to goal.  I guess I’ll be trying to figure out how to get them into college or some other training.  Little Man will be getting into intermediate school, about 4th or 5th grade.  Relationship-wise, only God knows.  I’m still legally married to RMB, but I’ll probably be remedying that shortly.  I will always love him as a dear friend, and even something more, but marriage was just not in the cards for us.  And yes, I know many people tried to prevent this whole scenario and I wouldn’t listen, but I’m ok with it.  This was just part of my journey, and I’ve learned a little about myself and what I want from a relationship.  I wrote the other day about finding Mr. Right, but I’m actually not looking for Mr. Right at the moment.  I can’t imagine trying to get married again and fitting someone into my family and into my kids’ lives.  I don’t want that right now.  I just want someone to go out with, hang out with, have fun with, and smooch on a little.  I can’t believe I’m saying that, because I have always been about finding true love, and now apparently I’m about just having a little fun every once in a while.  As Jim Carrey said in the Grinch movie:   WHAT is the DEAL!?

Well, my train of thought has jumped the tracks and I don’t know what else to talk about.  Except that my iTunes playlist has just hit “The Impossible Dream” and I have to think that no dreams are impossible.  You just have to find your dreams and chase them!

Until next time,



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