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Oh, Crappy Day! April 2, 2010

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Hello all.  Ok, now that I have had a couple of good days, Universal Law says that I must now have a totally crappy day, or I’ll throw the world out of balance.  I can’t be responsible for the unbalance of the world, so here’s my take on everything and my answer to everyone today:  Bite Me! 

I got a letter last night telling me my house payment was going to go up to an amount it has NEVER been, not even when The Dufus and I were both here, and working full time.  (My payment is adjusted according to income, which I know is totally nice and why should I whine when most people don’t get that deal.  Yeah, whatever.)  So I look at my income, and between part time work, unemployment, and child support, I’m actually making a tidy little sum which is going to be reduced by about half in a month, when my unemployment runs out.  So I’m probably going to have to reapply for food stamps the month after that.  Which totally ticks me off.  It makes me feel like if I’m not sucking on the Government’s left tit, I’m sucking on the right.  I need to get a better paying job so I can take care of my s…tuff on my own, but a) Hello?  Economy?  and b) What did I just say?

Even if I were ready to get back in the classroom, teaching jobs around here are just absolutely drying up, and there is almost no chance of getting one for next year.  Schools are whipping out their Reduction in Force policies and slashing like Freddy Krueger.  So what else is left but to cling to my current job and pray that something changes, and quick?

Oh, and all that crap about finding Mr. Right?  Forget it.  Become a nun or a sheep herder in the Swiss Alps.  He’s not out there, and if he is, he’s being held hostage in a terrorist camp. 

And for all those who feel inclined to tsk tsk and chuckle with self-satisfied amusement because my euphoric couple of days have now turned into this ranting drivel and they knew it would happen because that’s how I am:  See last sentence of Paragraph 1!

Thanks for reading, even when I’m a complete grouch, and let’s all hope it goes uphill from here!

Until next time,



One Response to “Oh, Crappy Day!”

  1. Peggy Says:

    Hope it gets better. I know what you are feeling cousin. It is crazy.
    My big gripe is college financial aid.

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