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A Great Day Full of Happiness and Laughs! March 31, 2010

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Hello all!  Today has been a great day!  First, a quick update to last night’s post- Daughter S. just informed me that two items high on her priority list of characteristics for Mr. Right are:  creative talent and singing ability, in particular, he must be willing to sing duets with her!  I assured her that whoever she finds will love singing with her more than life itself!

So, why has today been such a great day?  It just was.  After I took the kids to school, I deposited my check in the bank and then went to the optometrist.  Now THAT was not so great.  Yeah, I love having healthy eyes and getting new lenses in my glasses, but it’s so EXPENSIVE!  For an office visit, Optomap exam, and new basic lenses put in my OLD frames, it was $271!!  Sheesh! 

After I got done there, I had time to kill.  I felt that I should go walking, but I also needed to go to Lowes and look for dishwasher connectors.  I didn’t want to go blow $$ in WalMart, which I easily could have done, and I felt I had more important things to do than getting my nails redone.  (I’m saving that for tomorrow!)  So I decided it was too pretty a day to go schlepping through Lowes, and I went to Ardmore’s Regional Park and walked around the walking trail.  It was such a beautiful day!  The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing, I had rocking music in my iPod, and I felt like moving!  It was the weirdest feeling, and I can only attribute it to being 25 lbs lighter than I have been, but once I started walking, I just wished I could take off and run!  I was texting my counselor and she suggested I just try a slow, easy jog for a few feet and see how it felt.  She said my body was craving movement, and that was definitely true.  As I walked under the trees with their new little green buds starting to come out, I wished I could just jump up and grab a tree branch and swing from it, flying up into the sky and soaring.  As I listened to my music, I couldn’t help lifting my hands in the air and reveling in feeling the sun on my sad, fishbelly white skin!  Part of the time I was more dancing than walking.  It felt so amazing. 

Now obviously my body is not used to this sort of exertion, and I’ll probably be paying for it in the morning, at least in my lower legs.  But for today, I’ll just be grateful that I had the experience I did, feeling the joy of moving and living and being in the sun.  It felt like victory.

Following the Ecstasy in the Park experience, I went to Quizno’s for a salad and some soup.  I checked the WW points in my handy-dandy Dining Out Companion food guide, and decided on my favorites, the Chicken Taco salad and the Broccoli-cheese soup.  I had a great laugh during my meal, when one of my old friends responded to my overly joyful Facebook status update by saying, “You either hit the powerball or hired a nude Brazillian pool man.”  That absolutely made my day.  It was the funniest thing ever. 

After lunch, I didn’t have anything else I felt like doing, so I drove to work, parked, rolled down the windows, cranked up the music, and sat there singing in my car for about half an hour.  It was nice to feel like I wasn’t rushing to get to work.  I’m late more often than not, but they don’t get all wound up about it.  They know I’ll be there eventually, and they know if I were not going to be there, I’d call.  Not calling in sick and spending the day dancing in the sun was my biggest challenge today, for sure.  I was sooooooo tempted.  It was just too nice a day.  But then I was able to enjoy a good laugh with my co-workers and my boss when I suggested we stage a massive power outage and claim total computer failure so we could just close up shop and go enjoy the day.   I wasn’t able to convince him to hang up the “Gone Fishin'” sign (or in his case, a “Gone Golfin'” one!) but we all liked the idea, anyway. 

I’m actually pretty lucky among my co-workers.  I’m the only one who gets to escape the store and get outside during the day.  I run one route where I pick up four businesses’ mail and then I make two runs to the Post Office.  I used to do that before, when we picked up a LOT more businesses and they drove the mail to Oklahoma City every night.   I’ve only been doing this shorter route again for a couple of months.  As much as I hated feeling like I was back to doing the same thing I did when I started there, I really don’t mind the opportunity to get outside, move around, listen to my own music, and see the outdoors!  And to be honest, some days I’m extra glad for the fact that driving around picking up mail and driving to the PO also involves sitting down!  My feet sometimes get a little cranky and rebellious.

Anyway.  The rest of my evening has been good.  We went to church and had singing night.  I love singing!  Now I’m home doing one of my next favorite things- writing and blogging!  Hope everyone else is doing well and is happy.  And as soon as you get a chance, go walking in the beautiful sunshine and dance and sing and feel joy!  I highly recommend it!

Until next time,



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