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Trippin’ on Funky Fish. Or Something. March 24, 2010

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Hello all.  Today’s topic:  MESSED UP DREAMS!  I know everyone has a weird dream now and then, but the one I woke up from when my alarm clock went off this morning made me wonder if an acid trip in the 60s might have been similar!  Now I don’t know if it’s true that eating certain foods before you go to sleep have an effect on your dreams, but I’ve heard people jokingly refer to their evening meal as having caused their nightmares or weird dreams.  As in “Whew!  That dream was wild!  No more (Fill In the Crazy Food) before bed for me!”

Now I’m not accusing the catfish my dad fried last night.  Catfish doesn’t seem like a particularly ‘out there’ food, certainly not one to suspect would cause acid-trip-y dreams.  But something sure did!  Not that you asked, but here’s a recap. 

Part 1 took place where I work, at The UPS Store.  It seems like we were swamped with customers, but they were all there because they’d found out the bosses’ dad was a former Olympic ski-jumping champion!  They kept flocking in just to see him squat and lean forward with imaginary ski-poles in his medal-winning take-off stance.  I think there was weird ‘Old Movie’ memorabilia around the tops of the walls.  One of my co-workers kept trying to make me pay for a customer’s fax or something, because it didn’t go through or she accused me of hiding it.  Then it turned out that Jim was NOT the real Olympic champion, but some weird guy who looked nothing like him, but claimed to be his twin!

From there it morphed into the next part, in which I was driving my dad’s Dodge Ram pickup truck, and I pulled into an oil change place like a Jiffy Lube.  I didn’t know why I was doing it, because Dad always does that stuff on his own, and I was afraid he’d be mad, since the truck didn’t need serviced.  But I did it anyway, and it was apparently a family business with a Mom, a Dad, and a bunch of teenagers doing all the work.  They told me I needed new headlights, because mine were broken, and the kids disappeared into this cavernous warehouse place to look for the parts I needed.  Meanwhile, some other kids were sticking a golf club in the tail lights and pulling out bunches of snakes.  Every time a new glob of snakes would pop out, I’d bury my face in the woman’s shoulder and scream “It’s my bad dream!” 

Then we were driving down the road, a bunch of us crammed in the truck.  I think it was the people from the oil change place, and we arrived at this building that seemed to be part hotel, part hospital, and part circus!  There were crowds of people roaming through halls and corridors, some normal looking, some really weird looking, and some normal looking with a small element of weird, like a business suit with clown shoes. 

I was blending in with the crowds, and I’m not sure whether I was trying to lose the Jiffy Lube people or catch up with them.  It was like a maze, with all the halls of people, and I was walking along the top of the front desk, and the backs of couches, and banisters.  Then somehow I was floating instead of walking, and someone told me to “follow Dumbledore.”  There was this man with long white, flowy hair and clothes, and he was going down these dark blue or purple stairs that just went around and around.  I was floating down after the guy who looked like Dumbledore, and he disappeared around a corner at the bottom.

Then I found myself in a crowded hallway, and there was a long Conga line that seemed to be made up of everyone else in the whole building.  It went on for yards and yards.  Most of the people seemed to be of the “weird” variety, with wild clothes and painted faces, and they were chanting “Counseling is FUN, HEY!”  (When I told my daughter about my dream this morning, this part made her laugh out loud and say that she’d classify that as a nightmare!)

Then the Conga Line went on past me and I was in an empty hall that looked like Mardi Gras had just passed through.  On the floor were what looked like millions of contact lenses, but they were all different sizes.  I found that I could skate on them, so I started speed-skating through the halls on these contact lenses, and finally a black teenage girl or girls came around a corner with a woman who seemed to be their mother.  They were all crying and apologizing, and it seemed this was a mental hospital and visiting hours were over.  But I couldn’t tell who was leaving, the girls or their mother.  Suddenly we were surrounded by other people who seemed to be leaving visitation and a staff woman with a huge medical flip chart.  I joined the crowd walking away from the patients who were crying and screaming, and then I woke up.

So.  There you have my totally weird dream, as accurately as I could recount it.  One quick note here- I was able to confirm that I do dream in color.  I’ve heard people debate over whether most people dream in color or black and white.  Anyway.  It was quite a trip, but a little bit fun in some parts.  I like dreams where I can float or fly or skate, so I enjoyed those bits.  The Conga line was funny.  Could definitely have done without the snakes.  The end was perhaps the most thought-provoking part, but I’ll leave that to discuss with my therapist! 

Anyway.  For comments, hit me with your weirdest dreams and what you think they might mean or what they might be telling you.  I don’t know what this one was telling me, but maybe it was just telling me there was too much onion in the coleslaw!

Until next time,



2 Responses to “Trippin’ on Funky Fish. Or Something.”

  1. Amanda Says:

    I once dreamt that I had a third eye but it was in the middle of my hand. I wore a red leather strap wrapped around my hand because the third eye gave me special powers but only when it could see. I was chasing some other special powered enemy people and lost them in a crowd of people. So I unwrapped the strap and stuck my hand in the air so I could see where they went.

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