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Random Thoughts and Disconnected Rambling: A Veritable Thought-Salad March 11, 2010

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Hello all.  The title of this one says it all.  Hang on to your seats!

Ok, tonight we went to the Camp Fire organization’s 100th birthday celebration in Ardmore.  I’m all about kids having something wholesome to do, but tonight I found it hard to care.  First, my cousin and I were being attacked by some kind of bugs the whole time we were there!  It was being held in the fellowship hall of some church, and we were sitting there and we kept feeling things crawling on us, and pulling them off and squashing them, and it was either flying ants or termites!  Ok, EEEW!?  And second, cheesy fake “Indian-sounding” words like ‘WoHeLo.’  I’m sorry, really.  But just… oy!

And another thing.  There are a LOT of blogs out there.  I write mine, and most of the time, I think it’s pretty darn good.  But that’s the problem, there are many, MANY well-spoken, articulate, funny, intelligent writers out there, blogging their little hearts out, and probably most of them will never have more than a few faithful, regular readers.  I have a link to one of them, Mighty Maggie, in my list of links, and I branch off from hers and read some of these blogs of vastly different styles and tones.  And I wonder where I rank.  Yeah, I know it’s not a competition, but I also really look forward to a time when I have a lot of regular readers, who comment regularly, who are just random people who stumbled across The Therapy Journals of the Fat-Headed Klingon Woman and thought, “Wow, she’s good!”  Please be aware:  I love, love, love my family and friends who are reading every post, and I appreciate the time you take to do so. 

I just watched the trailer for Twilight: Eclipse a while ago.  It looks ok, but I have a feeling that they changed a lot of stuff for this one, and made it a lot different than the book.  A lot, a lot.  I hope the movie looks better than the trailer.  The vamps don’t look nearly as natural as they did in the first film.  In the first one, you could almost believe people wouldn’t think they were a little strange-looking.  They’ve gotten chalkier and redder-lipped with every movie.  It just makes it harder to believe that they could blend in with normal humans.  I’ll watch the silly thing, of course.  Just like I’ve watched all the Harry Potter movies.  Speaking of which, these last two are taking forEVER, aren’t they?!!  They’re going to be Harry Potter and the Nursing Home, and Harry Potter and the Soggy Adult Diaper if they don’t hurry up and film them! 

I really hope my aunt and my cousin aren’t mad at me.  I kept nagging at my cousin’s kid and trying to correct his behavior tonight, and I probably should have just left alone and let her take care of things.  I hate it when people pull that crap on me, so I should have known better than to do it to her.  I’ll apologize directly, first chance. 

I really hate it when I tell the kids to go to bed and they’re playing a video game and they keep playing it for 15 minutes, because they’re “just looking for a place to stop and save!”  Whatever.  Turn the darn thing off and get to bed already! 

One more day until the official start of Spring Break!  I’m sure I’m not as desperate for this week as I was last year, but I’m still glad it’s rolled around.  I hope I can get to do something fun with the kids, but I have no idea what it might be.  They’re going to be spending a little time with their father too, and I’m also hoping I will have the opportunity to go do something fun with a friend or two while the kids are out of town.  It’s unlikely, but I can hope.

I was having the best time when I got to work today!  It was definitely a Tigger day.  I had been listening to Angry Girl Music and feeling all divine.  It was great.  Alanis Morrisette is good for that.  Her song “Thank U” makes me feel like some kind of Zen Guru.  It’s kind of a ‘feeling good, starting to figure things out’ song.  A song that makes you feel like you’ve finally made it through to the outskirts of Crap City and you’re cruising on your way to somewhere better.  Dude, I totally LIKE that feeling!! 

You know what feeling I’d like even better?  To feel like I know myself.  I mean, really know myself.  To know who I am, and what I like and don’t like, to know what makes me really happy and what I really want.  To be a free spirit.  I probably wasn’t even a free spirit when I was 3 years old!  I’m working on it, though.  I’m still searching and seeking and diving for pearls.  That last is a loosely connected reference to some literature I had to read in school and barely understood, but was able to craft a poem exploring the theme.  It was kind of like we find ourselves in our experiences, and our experiences are like beads on a wire that make up who we are.  Who the heck was that, anyway?  Not Whitman…. OH!  Emerson.  Ralph Waldo Emerson, and his essay, Experience, I think…  I’ll have to go look it up now. 

Thanks for reading through this scrambled “thought-salad.” 

Until next time,




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