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Honk That Horn Again, Mister, and Watch What I Do With It! March 9, 2010

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Hello all!  I have recently come to two conclusions.  One- people are rude and impatient.  Two- rudeness and impatience drive me completely insane!!  Case in point:  The UPS Store where I work is on 4th Street, which is a very busy street.  It is a connecting road that joins probably the busiest street in town, Commerce, with another road that is becoming almost as busy, North Rockford.  People drive very fast on this street, and they do not like to slow down and wait for someone who is waiting to turn.  Almost every day, someone is waiting for oncoming traffic to pass so he or she can turn into our parking lot, and another driver comes right up on their back bumper and HONKS AT THEM!!  Like they don’t have the right to turn off a street into a parking lot! 

Now I realized exactly how crazy this makes me when I was standing there helping a customer the other day and this happened yet again.  I watched the first driver slow down and patiently wait to turn, and get honked at by some fruitcake who gambled on the fact that the car in front of them would turn sooner, rather than later, and didn’t slow down early enough.  And I suddenly launched into a raving-lunatic tirade with my customer and my co-worker standing there open-mouthed and, quite possibly, scared.   It just made me mad that some people are so completely thoughtless, rude, and ill-behaved! 

Case in point number two:  Today I was waiting at a stop sign on that very same street, 4th Street, waiting to cross Rockford.  There was an 18-wheeler from some truck driving school stopped in the wrong lane, heading north on Rockford.  I’m not sure what they were doing, but they’d been there a while, because there was a line of cars waiting in front of me.  I think I might have been the third or fourth car back.  So I’m patiently waiting, thinking something like, “Hmm, maybe they’re having a mechanical problem.”  I’m not mad, I’m not impatient, I’m not even irked.  Just sitting there waiting my turn.  And then I heard a honk from somewhere ahead of me.  I tried to figure out who it was, and then a minute later I heard another, longer honk, and saw the driver of the car at the front of the line actually open his door,  stick his head out and scream at the truck!! 

Here I must pause for a confession:  Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.  Today I had improper thoughts about the driver of another vehicle, when I felt a sudden urge to slam his head in his car door.  I also used unholy language when I called him an impatient a–hole.  To myself, of course.  Hail Moses, Dominus Possumus, Rest In Peace. 

So yeah, the poor truck driving student and his teacher finally got out of the road and the rude old man at the stop sign turned and went on his merry way, and I was left to ponder what makes some people so darned impatient!  Seriously.  Do these people think their errands are any more important than the rest of us?  Do they think other people only have a right to drive on a public street as long as they drive a certain way?  Do they think the world revolves around them?  What are the odds that these rude, impatient people are any more pleasant to be around outside of their vehicles than they are while in them?  Answers are complete self absorption, yes, yes, and not too good! 

Anyway, I must also here relate a story that my dear middle sister would not thank me for sharing, but it’s totally pertinent to the topic, so suck it up, Sis, I’m telling on you!  The other day I was riding with her on I-35, at about 8:00 at night, coming out of Denton, Texas.  We were in the left lane, and came up on a vehicle in front of us, which, sadly for them, was going slower than my dear lead-footed sister wanted to go.  Sadly for her, there was also a vehicle in the right lane, just far enough back that she didn’t feel comfortable passing.  Besides, as she informed me, you’re not supposed to pass in the right-hand lane.  (Huh?)  Anyway. 

She follows the left lane vehicle ever-so-impatiently for several minutes, seething and growling with annoyance the entire time.  Finally, she edges up close enough to them that they get the point and speed up, giving her enough space to scoot around them.  As we’re passing, (in the right hand lane of course) she lays on the horn for about 10 seconds and then zooms ahead down the highway at about 90 mph before they can take in her personalized license plate and rear window decal!  I told her she was going to get us killed in a road rage attack, but we were probably 5 miles away from them before they could shut their gaping mouths and calm their indignation at the obviously mentally disturbed Cheer Mom driving the black Tahoe long enough to consider getting her plate and phoning the Highway Patrol.

I was actually quite appalled to find that I am related to a rude, impatient honking driver!  I have a road rage story on my youngest sister too, but I’ll save that for another occasion.  Suffice it to say I am now looking upon witnessing such drivers as an opportunity to practice my Zen meditation.  I’ll just breathe deeply, go to my happy place, and hope it’s way the heck out of their way!

Until next time,



4 Responses to “Honk That Horn Again, Mister, and Watch What I Do With It!”

  1. Toes Says:

    I’d like to argue the point that both of your sisters are lovely delights to be around out of their vehicles and most of the time inside of them.

    • LenaDeeAnne Says:

      Yes, you are lovely delights to be around. I totally failed to realize that I was lumping you into the “as unpleasant outside of their vehicles as in them” category. I stand corrected. 🙂

  2. Scott Says:

    Sounds like the drivers in OKC are better mannered than those in Ardmore these days, lol.. The semi driver probably dropped his clutch and had a hard time starting the engine again, that and being really nervous with his instructor and several other students inside. I remember when I was training, I couldn’t wait to be alone in the cab. Now I just wish I could have someone ride along, Lol..

    Until next time,

    • LenaDeeAnne Says:

      They probably are! I’m telling you, Ardmore drivers are nuts! Don’t even get me started on those people who seem to think if they’re following close enough to the vehicle in front of them when they’re running a red light after it just changed from a turn arrow, that a) they’re ok, nobody will hit them, and b) it doesn’t matter and doesn’t count. Around here you have to wait at least 10 seconds after the turn light changes before you can go. OY!

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