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Today Has Been Okay… March 8, 2010

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Hello all.  The title of this entry is what I used to think I would title an autobiography if I ever wrote one.  It was the first line in many of my journal and diary entries.  Does anyone else ever do that, imagine what you would title your memoirs or your autobiography?  Ok, I guess I’m the only hopelessly dorky one.  Oh well.  Cool is way overrated!

So I hope everyone had a good weekend.  Mine was really good.  Daughter S. is doing much better, feeling better about herself, etc.  The Boy is his normal self, but he’s been fairly well-behaved lately.  He did let fly with a bad word this morning when he had too hard a time buttoning his pants, but overall he’s been doing well. 

It was so cold in the house this morning!  I guess sometime over the weekend, one of the kids decided it was warm enough to turn the heat completely off.  It must have gotten fairly cold last night, because I woke up shivering, feeling like my nose was frozen!  When I got up and looked, the thermometer said 62!!  Sheesh! 

So who watched the Oscars?  I didn’t get to, but it’s usually my favorite awards show, if I can catch it.  I love the “Best/Worst Dressed” spreads in all the magazines afterwards.  It seemed like this year there was no shortage of hideous dresses, and decent dresses ruined by the rest of the package.  (In the Hideous Dress category- J-Lo, Vera Farmiga, Diane Kruger.) In the Chose a Really Bad Dress and Is Way Past Her Prime category: Sarah Jessica Parker, Molly Ringwald, and Melanie Griffith, who gets extra points for saddest plastic surgery.  Most decent dresses ruined by the rest of the package:  Anna Kendrick, (lovely, soft dress paired with aerobics class hair?) and Sandra Bullock (the dress was beautiful, but in the first pics I saw, her lipstick was like a neon sign outside a bar.) 

And the men are never exempt from fashion disaster, (witness Zac Efron’s squirrel-attack hair and skinny jeans, Judd Nelson’s ‘English Teacher in a hippie commune school’ look, James Cameron in general, and the guy from ‘Up’ who looked like he’d undergone alien experimentation.  And why, on what will probably turn out to be the biggest night of Jeff Bridges’ career, could he not shave off that scraggly chin-rug?   Of all the men, I think I like Colin Firth the best.  He is just adorable!

Anyway, my picks for Best Dressed are (not necessarily in order):  Queen Latifah (I love her.  She just exudes that quality of confidence in herself, no matter what size she may be), Cameron Diaz (finally, a hairdo that doesn’t look like she just escaped from a hospital psych ward), Jane Seymour (Who wouldn’t want to look like her at the age she is? Seriously.)  Kate Winslet (Dress not exactly exciting, but overall lovely woman.) and Demi Moore (might have looked better just slightly less tan, but still gorgeous for a woman her age.)  Sorry I don’t have all the names and photos linked.  I got lazy.

Anyway.  Not much going on today.  I worked, bought groceries, fixed supper. cleaned the kitchen, scrubbed the kitchen floor on hands and knees, and am going to be getting ready for bed shortly.   Tomorrow is Weight Watchers.  I haven’t talked about that much lately.  I lost over 3 lbs. last week and hit my 5% goal.  I am not sure what to expect this week.  I have had several days where I didn’t even come close to eating healthy, but I’ve tracked everything, and tried to stay within points ranges, so maybe it won’t be too bad.  Whether it’s good or not-so-good, I’m sure you’ll hear about it.  

Well, that’s enough for now.  I hope everyone is well and happy. 

Until next time,



5 Responses to “Today Has Been Okay…”

  1. Mandie Says:

    I’ve decided my auto biography will be called “I woke up today (and sometimes that’s the best you can hope for)”

    • LenaDeeAnne Says:

      First of all, thanks for the comment! Second, that’s a pretty good title! Kind of makes me sad if you really feel that way, but I guess that’s what we’re all working on- figuring out how to make our titles a little more enthusiastic! I think I’m going to work toward making my title something like, “The Story of A Real, Actual, Lived, Enjoyed Life!”

      Love ya, girl! Thanks for reading.

  2. Toes Says:

    Haha…. It was me in the dinning room with a thermostat! I turned it off it was like 80 Saturday when I was over, I thought one of the kids would turn it back on… Sorry to both you and your nose.

    • LenaDeeAnne Says:

      Aha! The mystery is solved! That’s really funny. Thanks for the confession, and you’re forgiven. And thanks for reading and commenting! Love ya…

      • Toes Says:

        P.S. I really think I’m funny, in case you didn’t know. I told people at work about you frozen nosed blogg and they thought it was funny too.

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