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The Feminist in Me Just Found her Voice! February 19, 2010

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Hello all.  Today was both a good and a not so good day.  I had counselling, I paid off two cars, (thank you, tax return) I worked, I got the treadmill from RMB’s mother, I saw my first article in print, I took the kids out for supper, I walked on the treadmill,  I tracked all my day’s food on the WW website.

Those were the good parts.  The first of the bad parts is that tomorrow is the anniversary of the fire.  Also known as the beginning of the end of my marriage.  (Actually, I guess the beginning of the end was the minute we said ‘I do,’ but we’re not going to think about that.)  The kids and I are trying to figure out something special to do to sort of acknowledge the date and think about how far we’ve come since that event.  We haven’t come up with anything good.  The second of the bad parts is that I’m worrying about my child.  I think we’re dealing with rather serious depression here.  I absolutely hate with a passion the fact that she doesn’t realize what a beautiful and special girl she is. 

No, you know what I really hate?  I hate that women look at other women and compare themselves.   We wonder why we can’t be that blond or be that tall or have that clear skin or have such skinny legs, or blue eyes or plump lips or whatever.  I hate that men don’t do this.  I detest that women are the ones who deal with the majority of the pressure to conform to society’s warped standards of beauty. 

I especially hate that it causes perfectly lovely, perfectly acceptable women and girls to dislike themselves, to spend millions of dollars every year chasing some unattainable, unrealistic idea of beauty.  I hate that women get injected, enlarged, implanted, vacuumed, chopped, snipped, lifted, tucked and sucked.  They undergo major surgeries and suffer through agonizing pain to be what they perceive as more beautiful, mainly in the hopes that a man will notice and decide to love them. 

What I want to know is, how and when are women ever going to get it through their heads that real is beautiful, that true beauty comes from within, and attractiveness is subjective?!  And how can we ever DO that when the men we’re trying to attract are SO superficial and SO shallow that they don’t appreciate natural beauty, they don’t appreciate a brain, and they don’t appreciate independence.  Oh, they may say they do, but when it comes down to it, men are interested in three things: HUGE breasts, a tiny little butt, and a working vagina.  And if those three things come accompanied by a ‘present in name only’ brain, or in other words, if a woman is exceedingly airheaded, then so much the better.  And if she happens to be, or even appears to be, ready and willing to fall into bed at the drop of a hat (or any other item of clothing,) then she’s positively perfect and she’s every man’s freaking dream girl!!

Women literally torture themselves so that men will love them.  I want women to love themselves!  I want women to appreciate their own beauty the way they were born and to realize that what they see in the mirror is perfect, and perfectly acceptable, and worthy of being loved and appreciated by another human being of the male gender.  But if it’s not currently being loved and appreciated by another human being of the male gender, then damn it, IT’S OKAY!!!  It’s ok to look at yourself in the mirror and say “Look at that.  You know what that is in that mirror?  That, my friends, is a beautiful, intelligent, creative, talented, passionate, sexy WOMAN! and she is doing just freaking fine on her own with or without a man, thank you very freaking much!!!”  Love her or don’t love her, want her or don’t want her, but realize she is her own amazing self and she can have and do and be absolutely anything she wants, and she doesn’t have to be like anyone else in this wide, wide world! 

There you go men, put that in your penis and smoke it!

Until next time,



3 Responses to “The Feminist in Me Just Found her Voice!”

  1. debbie Says:

    Disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!! too many freakings and too much male bashing. Men are people too, shouldn’t be catagorized in a group- It makes great christian men unhappy to be piegon holed as too testosteroned sex manics. Put that in your vagina and smoke it.

    Your loving mother.

    Ps i also hate it that beautiful incredible humans hate and loathe themselves because they aren’t what they think they ought to be. there was a beautiful girl in the counselors office today and she said the kids at school make fun of her I ask why do you pick your nose or fart in class and she said no because she is FAT. I told her not to tell herself that. When you look in the mirrow don’t tell yourself anything that you wouldn’t tell your best friend. You would not tell your best friend that you hate her because she is fat. or she is sickening because she ate a candy bar don’t do it to your self. also that is not the first time your work has been printed. Kathy Cook had a poem of yours in her magazine about world hunger.

    • LenaDeeAnne Says:

      Thanks, Mom. Always grateful for your support. 🙂 For what it’s worth, I wasn’t really referring to ‘great Christian men’ in this context; I was referring to the vast majority of the available dating pool, regarding which, I call them as I see them. And I actually said I saw my first article in print, not my first work. I’ve also been published in the Lone Grove High School yearbook, Green Eggs and Hamlet, and the church bulletin, to name a few.

      Ok, to the men: if I over-generalized, categorized, stereotyped, or otherwise offended- welcome to how it feels to fit into a category that’s judged without getting to know first, vis. overweight women/superficial men. Think about it.

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