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I Am Spartacus! February 16, 2010

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Hello all!  It’s official.  Life is weird.  Today I launched a new career.  Or a new hobby.  Or something.  I am now a feature writer for the Lone Grove Ledger.  The article I posted here will be appearing in the paper tomorrow.  After that, I don’t have a clue what I’ll be writing about!  I’ll definitely be asking everyone I know if they have any interesting story ideas.

In addition to the fact that my career went in a whole new direction today, I also achieved what I thought was most definitely NOT going to happen- I had a weight loss this week.  And a good one, even!  Another TWO pounds off my body, hallelujah!  I knew I’d been perfectly good between last Tuesday and Friday.  From Friday to Sunday, well let’s just say I indulged, and leave it at that.  (Especially considering that I went into great detail about my dietary indiscretions two entries ago!)  But the great thing, the really super cool thing, the totally New Me thing, is that I got right back on track Monday!  In the past, I probably would have beaten myself up and smacked myself around, guilt-tripped myself to death, and engaged in some serious ‘stinkin thinkin’ before I gave up completely and ate myself into a coma.  But now?  I acknowledged that I ate some stuff I could have skipped, ate some stuff prepared in ways I could have changed, and skipped some stuff I should have gone ahead and eaten instead.  And yeah, I worried that I would probably have a gain this week, or would have stayed the same, or just had a tiny, barely noticeable loss.  But I was determined that no matter what, I would stay on the plan and keep going!!  No matter what happened on the scale, I was going to keep plowing on and moving forward. 

Honestly, that would have been very difficult.  I know with certainty that if I hadn’t lost any at all or if I had gained, I probably would have cried and gone straight to Quiznos and bought a middle size turkey bacon guacamole sub!  With a cup of broccoli and cheese soup to boot!  But then I would have felt worse and it would have just been that much more of a struggle to get back on the (insert metaphor of your choice here.) 

I am just so proud of myself right now!  And I didn’t let The Boy get away with being a brat when he was demanding a toy from the dollar store.  And I bought healthy groceries!  And I did up all the dishes that were forming ranks and organizing their battle strategy!  I think I’m on a roll here.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll leap a tall building, save some puppies from a burning house, and balance the national budget! 

Go me!  I’m Queen of the World!

Until next time,



3 Responses to “I Am Spartacus!”

  1. Mandie Says:

    See I told you that you are an incredible woman!

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