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Practice Article for Tomorrow’s Interview February 15, 2010

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Below is the sample article I am taking to my interview tomorrow to be a feature writer for the Lone Grove Ledger.  Please let me know what you think.  THANKS!!!!

Local Woman Continues Tradition, Brings Scouting, Patriotism Together

Most people agree that children need extracurricular activities in their lives that provide structure and guidance to see the bigger world beyond themselves.  One Lone Grove woman has risen to the task of providing that guidance by leading a group of second- and third-grade members of Camp Fire For Boys and Girls in activities that have recently focused on patriotism.

Debbie Rose has had a long history of being involved in scouting-type activities.  She raised three daughters, one of whom participated in Girl Scouts and the other two in Camp Fire For Boys and Girls.   Now she is leading her grandchildren in the same path.  Debbie’s new troop is composed of her grandson Adam, her granddaughter Maddie, her great neice Riley, and several other little girls. 

Her current crop of Camp Fire kids is getting a great look at the lives of others and learning what they can do to help.  For example, in a recent meeting, Debbie provided them with an address and helped them to write get-well letters to wounded American soldiers.  Last week, the group was scheduled to participate in Valentines for Veterans by handing out cards and singing songs at the Veterans’ center before the snow interfered. 

Now the Camp Fire members are nearing the end of their annual Candy Sale, which also provides a way for the kids to see other people showing their patriotism.  Mrs. Rose and other Camp Fire leaders have made it possible for folks to support the children and the troops at the same time!  If someone wants to buy candy, but for health or other reasons, doesn’t really want to eat the candy, he or she can pay the purchase price, and the candy will be shipped to a soldier at no additional cost to the Camp Fire supporter.   

Mrs. Rose says she “just thought it was really important to help the kids see that supporting their country and the soldiers is something that even they can do.  Campfire’s colors are Red, White, and Blue, so I thought they should see that those colors really mean something.”  Mrs. Rose has long been an example of giving and loving in this community.  With luck she will be guiding children for as long as they are blessed to have her still among them.  Anyone interested in purchasing candy, either for yourself or to be shipped to a soldier, can contact her at 580-657-4297.


5 Responses to “Practice Article for Tomorrow’s Interview”

  1. Maggie Williford Says:

    I am not an authority on journalistic writing, but this seems a solid article. Try reading it aloud to ensure there is no awkward wording. (this is so Comp I advice-please forgive;). I am specifically thinking about one line: being scheduled to do Valentines for Vets– that one was a bit long with the extra weather cancellation. However, it sounded much like what I would expect to read in the paper- where articles must sometimes be trimmed to bare bones to fit the publication.

    You done good, girl!

  2. Maggie Williford Says:

    I would also take a look at the placement of the adjective clause in the opening line. I thought of it after posting. It is recess, you see, and I am distracted ;-p. Luck on your interview!

  3. Mandie Says:

    Don’t know why but the word folks is sticking out to me. Seems too familar maybe. I think it’s a great article and will be praying for you. You are an excellent writer! Be confident!

    • LenaDeeAnne Says:

      Hi M & M! Thanks for your comments and suggestions. I was going to save my reply for after the interview, but I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your input and support!

      Mandie- you are probably right about the word ‘folks,’ in that it seems too countrified or familiar, as you said, but I thought maybe it wouldn’t be too out of place in a small town newspaper such as ours.

      Mags- I looked at the sentences you mentioned and ended up changing a few things, switching a few phrases around, etc., so hopefully those will make it stronger. I didn’t change it on here, though, so you won’t see the finished product until later.

      Thanks again for everything! Love ya both!

  4. Linda Hicks Says:

    Thanks DeeAnne. I got the article!

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