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Today I Fell in Love Again… With My Parents. February 1, 2010

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Hello all.   Today was… interesting.  I got up and went to church this morning, just me and The Boy.  The girls, who before they were born were affectionately known as Thing 1 and Thing 2, stayed home by themselves.  I really enjoyed church this morning, which is somewhat of a rarity.  I liked the songs that were chosen, and I especially liked the fact that one dear old congregant who enjoys making up her own music when we sing hymns, who seems to get a kick out of experimenting with tone, pitch, harmony, and pronounciation, was NOT sitting right behind ME this morning!  Ah, the bliss. 

Anyway.  Something happened during the song service that I decided HAD to be the topic of my next blog.  Here it is.  We were singing the last song before the sermon, a short hymn called I Stand In Awe of You.  It’s a beautiful little praise song whose lyrics go like this:

You are beautiful beyond description/too marvelous for words./Too wonderful for comprehension/ like nothing ever seen or heard./Who can grasp your infinte wisdom?/Who can fathom the depths of your love?/You are beautiful beyond description,/Majesty enthroned above./And I stand, I stand in awe of you,/I stand, I stand in awe of you./Holy God to Whom all praise is due,/I stand in awe of you.

As we were singing this song, right about the point where it says “You are beautiful beyond description” I happened to glance over at my parents.  They were sitting to my right, just on the other side of my son and my neice, in exactly the same place they always sit.  My Dad was on the aisle seat, as he has always been, my whole life, right ankle crossed over left knee, sensible black shoes with white socks, singing with enthusisasm if not perfect pitch.  Next to him on his left, my Mom.  Her beautiful black hair that’s becoming less pepper and more salt with each year, shining like a halo, her granny glasses perched on the end of her cute, pointed little nose, holding her songbook at arms length, singing with fervor. 

And suddenly I was overwhelmed with love for these people.  I looked at them and just felt like the words of the song I was singing applied to them at least as much as to God or Jesus.  I thought back to all the things they have done, both for me and for anyone and everyone they’ve ever known.  They have given time, money, hard work, sweat, tears, and blood.  They have rescued the stranded, housed the homeless, fed the hungry, and directed the lost.  And that was just me.  They are wonderful, amazing people.

Then they came over to my house after church and helped me with something I’ve desperately needed help with for about 3 weeks now.  See, last February, a week and two days after a tornado hit our town, wiped out a trailer park and killed 8 people, my house burned.  After a six-month stay with Mom and Dad, I am finally back in my own house again, but needless to say, it’s a little empty and naked.  I fought long and hard against having a tv in the house, because I felt I needed the peace and quiet, and it would interfere with my and the kids’ efforts to be more connected as a family.  (Counseling goal.)  So anyway, I caved in at Christmas and let the kids’ father, affectionately referred to hereafter as The Dufus, buy them a PlayStation 3 for Christmas, and I bought a new tv to go with it.  We made do with a small table for a tv stand until a few weeks ago when I bought an entertainment center from and had it delivered. 

Let me tell you, this thing has been an experience in frustration.  After I waited impatiently for a week and a half for it to arrive, it finally showed up, and the first piece I pulled out of the box was broken.  I contacted the manufacturer.  No problem, they sent out a replacement part.  I waited impatiently for the replacement part.  It got here.  I attempted to build this thing, and part of it broke when I tried to move it.  Contacted the manufacturer again.  Sent an email that probably melted their monitors.  They apologized profusely and sent another replacement part.  So then the thing sat in my living room for another week, because I wasn’t ABOUT to try to put it together again by myself and break it again. 

So today was finally a convenient day for Mom and Dad to come over, Dad with his trusty power screwdriver, and help me put it together.  They did it out of the goodness of their hearts, of course, but I also bribed them with food.  I fixed a wonderful, healthy lunch for them, and they spent about three hours helping me assemble this goofy piece of furniture. 

It just added to the feeling I had in church, about how good they are, and how blessed I am to have been raised by them, and to have them still around to help me when I need it, to love me, and give me someone to try to model.  I wish everyone could have parents as good as mine.

Until next time,



2 Responses to “Today I Fell in Love Again… With My Parents.”

  1. Toes Says:

    Amen… Also I’m jealous you get the opp to go to church with them everytime. 🙂 They are truely the best people I know.

  2. debbie Says:

    I ain’t that wonderful. I am glad we can do something right once in a while. I was thinking about that the other night its like the you live what you learn or something like that. I was blessed to have the best parents on earth. There was never any doubt that they loved us more than anything on earth. They took us to church and lived for Christ and like they knew he would have. They weren’t perfect but neither were we so things worked out fine. Even though at times we may feel like children were put on earth to frustrate us we are so blessed to have three beautiful talented intellegent capable caring incredible kids. I wouldn’t change a thing. Love mom

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