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Snow Days January 29, 2010

Filed under: Kid Kraziness,Whatever — DDKlingonGirl @ 5:45 pm

I think I speak for most parents when I say, “Snow Days are not all they’re cracked up to be!”  Some people love them.  They use them as wonderful opportunities for parent-child bonding, snuggling in front of a fireplace, sipping cocoa and singing Kum Bah Yah, while the snow falls gently outside the picture window. 

What a lovely picture.  Now let me share MY picture.  Daughter 1 is sitting on the couch, bugging me for the computer and pretending to be a dog.  That’s right, she’s howling.  Son is playing Dinosaur on the floor in front of the couch.  He’s staging a carnage-filled world in which things are eating each other and some of the dialogue has actually originated from INSIDE a dino’s stomach.  One again, thanks Jurrassic Park.  Daughter 2 is wearing short shorts, which she deemed appropriate attire to wear outside to feed the dogs.  They want me to take them to their Grandma’s house on my way to work.  I’m trying to decided whether to even GO to work! 

On the plus side, I got up and went for a walk this morning before the snow and ice started falling!  I actually got up and walked without someone nagging and hounding me.  I think I’m actually getting the hang of this exercise idea!  Here’s hoping I can keep it up long enough to get to where I want to be! 

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2 Responses to “Snow Days”

  1. Wanda Lemons Says:

    Just hang in there, kid! You are going to make it in this world. Just remember that a Christian faith is necessary to find and travel the path God planned for you before you were born. That saying, “Be still and know that I am God!,” is so true. If you are too busy and fail to have quiet time for yourself, you will never hear the voice of God directing you in His plan. I love you and remember you and the children in my prayers every day.

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