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These Are The Moments… January 26, 2010

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Hello all.  Today was one of those days.  Not one of those bad days where you drive an hour to get somewhere and find the building you’re going to in the middle of a fire drill, or where you stub your toe when you get out of bed and it just goes downhill from there.  No.  One of those good days that are so rare, you forget how much you appreciate them until one happens. 


Today I had to take my kids out of school and take them on a road trip.  We drove a little over an hour just to go to two different offices and turn in paperwork.  But surprisingly, we had a really nice day.  My two daughters took turns riding in the front seat.  On the way there, J. rode in the front.  We listened to her cds (everybody knows whoever is in the front gets to control the music) and quietly I held her hand.  I normally might not have thought to do that, but when we first got in the car I had kind of grouched at her a couple of times.  When I realized that fact, and when I reflected on the fact that this is one of the sweetest, most loving, most loyal people I’ver ever known, and that all I ever seem to do is nag and grouch at her, I decided it was a really good opportunity to try to make up for it just a little, and I took her hand.  She smiled, and kept my hand in hers for a long time. 


After we finished taking care of business, we went out for a nice lunch together.  The kids couldn’t make up their minds, so I made the deciding vote and we went to Chili’s.  (Side note:  Chili’s in Ada, OK- the poor waitress needed to go back to waitress school for a refresher course.  We had to wait ages to order, ages for drink refills, and ages for our ticket.  But I digress…)  The reason it was still fun is that we had a good time talking and laughing.  We were silly, we were happy, we were together, which is always a good thing.  Aside from the chips and queso, I even stayed on my eating plan!


On the way home, the other daughter, S., rode in the front seat.  We listened to Weird Al and sang together, made jokes, and enjoyed the ride.  When we got back into town, we felt like doing something fun, so we went to the park and hiked around the walking path.  Daughter S. and I took two loops around.  Daughter J. and Son A. took a detour to look at this little creek that’s a little way off the concrete path, then they hiked the rest of the way around and played on the playground.  We joined them after the second loop, (by which time I was pretty sure I was going to have a collapsed lung!) and we all played a while.  It was a beautiful day today, cool and crisp, but REally windy! 


After the park, we went to WalMart and bought groceries.  My son had reached his limit on Fun Family Togetherness and was acting like a brat because I wouldn’t get him something he wanted, but we got our shopping finished and headed home. 


I realize most of this account probably sounds pretty unspectacular, but here’s the point.  The other day one of my Facebook friends posted a status about how much she loved spending quality time with her children, and I felt a twinge of jealousy because sometimes making time to be with my children feels like a chore.  As much as I hate to admit it, I don’t always find it easy to have fun with them.  Today- I spent time with them and really enjoyed it.  I took the time to appreciate them and love them for themselves.  So thankful and blessed, and hope I get many more moments to share with them in the too short years before they’re grown. 


Encouraging everyone who reads this to take time to enjoy the people around you and remember why you love them. 


Until next time,



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