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The Epic Battle of the iPods January 25, 2010

Filed under: Kid Kraziness — DDKlingonGirl @ 1:18 am

Hello all. Ok, so I bought the girls iPods for their birthday, and tonight I got a glimpse of the conseqences of that action. I got home at about 6, as usual. Daughter 1 had run a couple of loads of laundry and started dinner. Daughter 2 was lying around like 3rd base. I helped Shan finish supper (mac and cheese, ham, and canned corn- yeah, I know, super nutritious.) Annnyway. Before we ate, I had to go find The Boy because he didn’t answer when I called him. He was in his room listening to MY ipod.

After supper I got them started on their various chores. Daughter 2 was washing dishes. Daughter 1 was cleaning off the table. The Boy was supposed to be helping rinse, dry, and put away. I moved the table and chairs out of the way so I could sweep the dining room. As I was doing this, I noticed that all three of the kids had earphones in and were all singing happily along with their music. For the next ten minutes, this was what I heard:

“Baby, take me on a journey/I’ve been thinkin’ lately/I could use a little time alone with you….right where you want me”       “…When we dance you have a way with me/hold me close/sway with me…”      “Because I’m driving a truck, driving a big old truck…”         “It’s priest… Have a little priest…..With the price of meat what it is, when you get it, if you get it…Take for instance Mrs. Mooney in her pie shop…”      “She’s real fine, my 409, she’s real fine my 409…”       “Cause I’m just too white and nerdy…”     “You got a friend in me…”

Eventually I finished my sweeping, sat down and started typing this entry. At the moment, one daughter is sitting beside me, singing Miley Cyrus’s ‘7 Things I Hate About You’ and the other one is singing some Japanese pop song called ‘Honey, Honey,’ and, saving the best for last, my dear son, at the top of his little lungs, is singing “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” Do I have a great life or what?!

Until next time,



2 Responses to “The Epic Battle of the iPods”

  1. Toes Says:

    LOL litterally! I can picture every moment of this entry. 🙂 I’m afraid people who read the comments to your blog will think I’m a stalker… I’m more than that, I’m her sister too. 😀

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