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My Own Personal Rant January 25, 2010

Filed under: Fierce Woman Roaring — DDKlingonGirl @ 1:22 am

Hello all. Ok, I stayed up late listening to a podcast and went to bed totally aggravated. These guys sit there and RANT and RAVE and cuss about our government and its laws and what does it matter? First let’s say that the government becomes exactly what they want it to be, like tomorrow. No taxes, no whatever. What are they going to do with all their accumulated wealth that is now not being stolen by the govt. as they say? Take it with them when they die?

And what does it matter if we’re living in a country where freedom and liberty are espoused and spouted and then flouted? Our lives, and by extension this country, are temporary- blips on the radar screen of eternity- who cares? Do these guys still work? Still have homes and cars? Still feed their families? Still go watch overpriced sporting events? Yes. They still enjoy freedoms that many people in the rest of this world can only dream about. So shut the _____ up already!

AND- let’s say they don’t want to shut up. They still have the right to keep talking, after all. (Or yelling, in this case.) So if they really want to make their point, why not do it in a calm, dignified manner, without the tacky remarks, the off-color and suggestive jokes, the cursing, and the name calling and BASHING of everyone who doesn’t see it their way?

At least one of those guys I know professes to be a Christian. if he put as much fire and zeal into preaching JESUS CHRIST AND HIM CRUCIFIED as he does into meaningless political CRAP, he could be doing a lot more good for humanity overall in the long run!! These guys are smart, witty, talented and funny. Why not use that for something that really matters? I’ve heard this guy praying for others to see Christ in us, and I can tell him without hesitation that anyone who heard his show would not hear Christ. Sorry- ain’t happenin’. So what’s more important to him- to join a rifle-waving, rhetoric spouting, free state movement that wants people to revolt against the government, or to preach the way of salvation to lost souls who will spend eternity in torment if they don’t hear, believe, repent, confess, be baptized, and be faithful until death?

But here’s where he has a point: if he did change from politics to preaching, the Govt. would probably shut him up a lot faster.

But here’s the other point- I don’t think they do it so much to really have calm, rational, THINKING people agree with them as they do to simply be ‘known,’ to be somewhat famous. Their podcast was actually recognized recently as like #6 in the world or something. Last night in one of the episodes I heard him talking about how cool it would be to be mobbed by listeners at another event he was going to- I heard the tone of his attitude toward that happening. They mostly want to be rock stars, and that’s the bottom line of it! Or at least… these are my perceptions.

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