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Health Food and Behavior Modification (or… Do What I Say or I’ll Beat You With Broccoli!) January 25, 2010

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(Originally Posted 11/12/09, Facebook)

Hello all. So tonight I was in WalMart (Yes, I know, I’m a brave soul or a foolish one. Maybe both.) with my daughter. My other daughter and my son were at Camp Fire meetings. Daughter and I were having a fine time grocery shopping, although she was feeling rather yucky and not wanting to think about food. Nevertheless, we managed to get all the groceries we needed for the time being. (Sidenote: I am working to institute a plan whereby teenage daughters have supper waiting or almost done when I get home from work. We will be able to save time in the evenings, because I won’t have to sit down for a while and wait for my feet to stop screaming. Saved time will be used for more Family Time and Happy Togetherness. Woo hoo.)

Back to the point. Daughter and I were in the juice and butter and canned biscuits area. I noticed something I’d seen in Starbucks before, a juice brand called Naked. The bottle in question contained a rather strange green colored juice that some fresh out of advertising school genius had christened “Superfood.” Upon inspection, I discovered that the ingredients included spinach, barley, wheat grass, and other assorted healthy fruit and vegetables. Now the label said this wonderful veggie beverage tasted “awesome.” I was suspicious but curious, and purchased the item.

We finished shopping, checked out, and got to the car, where Daughter and I both kept out the juice drinks we had bought, mine being the Naked Superfood. We had also purchased some Mini-Strawberry Newton bites that Daughter wanted to try, and she kept those out also. We were making our way through the parking lot and I opened my juice and tried it. Now I don’t want to say that it was completely disgusting, but I also cannot say that I found it to be as awesome as advertised. It was tolerable, though, and I suggested to Daughter that she should try it, just to be brave and adventurous. She started to try it, then chickened out.

At this point I started cheering her on, reminding her that of all the things people could pressure her to try, the one time it would be ok to give in was when it was her own mother pushing health food! Well, she resisted. I had earlier in the day watched on YouTube a humorous moment from the movie ‘Anger Management’ where Jack Nicholson’s character forces Adam Sandler’s character to stop his car in the middle of a bridge and won’t let him move until he sings “I Feel Pretty” from the movie West Side Story.

Discerning readers will see where I’m going with this. I stopped the car right behind the striped lines where pedestrians walk and told her we weren’t moving an inch until she took a swig. Both of us were laughing like crazy, the Kid not believing that I would sit there until she tried it, and me loving that she really didn’t realize how embarrassing parents can be when they want to. So she took the tiniest of sips and was unimpressed, (Ok, she thought it was awful) but at least the car was now moving.

Now later, when we were at the Camp Fire hut picking up her Siblings, Daughter once again encountered the power of the Naked Superfood. She had eaten one pouch of Mini Strawberry Newtons and wanted another. I told her she was not having more Newtons until after supper, and after a brief reflection on the situation, she thought it would be funny to toss the pouch out her door, rather than put it back in the box. I told her if she didn’t pick up the Newtons and put them in the box, she was going to have to take another drink of the Naked Superfood. Both of us laughing again as I terrorized her with health food, she picked up the snack and returned it to its rightful place. I’ve decided I might have to start buying the stuff by the gallon!

With all seriousness, and a polite smile and nod to the health food fanatics who might stumble across this story, I will add that I realize that I should be modeling healthy food choices for my kids, providing them with many opportunities to try new foods, and applauding the times they make the right choice, and not using healthy food as Control Leverage. But it’s nice to know I have it! hahahahahahahaha! Wishing you all love and wheat grass….

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